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June 16, 2017

[PREMIERE] JOCKS – Spotlight

I was more of a geek than a cool “jock” in my high school days, but Nashville, Tennessee newcomers JOCKS describe themselves as private school nerds, and they make dulcet stirring, candied melting music that can thaw the coldest of hearts, so this music geek is full on cheering for these dashing JOCKS. In fact, we’re totally stoked we get to premiere their second single. The up and coming indie pop outfit initially cropped up at the beginning of the month with a lustrous snapping guitar pop debut named Riddle Me This, a must listen which we’re also tacking on below. Spotlight is their follow up single, and it’s a dreamy romantic pop rock ballad that brings together The 1975′s 80s inspired succulence, COIN’s mellifluous hooking alt pop, and a warm synthy butteriness reminiscent of LANY or flor. A whole lot of suave seduction also comes by way of Spotlight’s steamy saxophone and its passionately searing electric guitar. Spotlight can be streamed and downloaded via all major retailers, here. Keep up with this exciting new four piece by way of Twitter, here, or Facebook, here.

“New” Hendrix too???

January 8, 2013


What’s going on? Bowie, Prince, everyone dead and alive is throwing down some new heat in the game! On March 5th, a posthumous Jimi Hendrix album is due to drop. Titled People, Hell And Angels, the release features 12 unreleased solo songs that were recorded sometime between 1968 and 1969. One of these tracks is titled Somewhere. Shorter versions and preview clips have been available for some time now, but we now get to hear the full track. Stream the legend’s psychedelic, guitar genius tune below. Man, what a week. There’s news that The Postal Service is planning to reunite (taking that with a grain of salt, fellas… out of character), The Knife announced their first live shows in forever… What’s next???

Hmm, I guess this is a Rolling Stones exclusive right now, so until they allow sharing, head on over here to indulge in some good ol’ Hendrix: