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May 22, 2018

Though Cymba and Victoria Rojas are both new on our radar, we’ve been convinced by their song together that we need to follow both the artists closely going forth. Cymba, a production project from the windy city of Chicago, offers up dusky plinking, haute enchanting future bass and chill trap on Lost, whilst fellow Chi-town talent Victoria Rojas turns in sweetly soothing, honeyed and supple vocals on the endearing track. If this is what being lost feels like, then sign me up, I don’t want to ever be found again! Lost can also be streamed/downloaded via alternate outlets, here.

December 13, 2017

Yes, it’s another track involving the great Mura Masa, who’s been busy behind the scenes producing for a bevy of talent these days, including a surprising  array of rising indie projects from across the genres, like Jadu Heart and Issac Gracie. Today, we dance to his ever nimble beats and aerated notes as he gives the HAIM sisters a fabulous electro-pop styled remix. Walking Away goes bubbly spry and spacey burbling on Mura Masa’s re-envisioning, in a way that reminds me of Terror Jr, with a generous slathering of texture.