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February 5, 2017

What’s a Sunday morning without some luscious glittering disco and future funk to keep us grooving through the rest of the day? D.C. producer Noce has given IHM favorite Eau Claire a honeyed shimmering remix on his version of the producer’s slick sexy Room, featuring Camille Michelle Grey. Snazzy chic is taken to a whole new level on this breezy glam first offering from the exciting new project. Noce promises this is but the “beginning of a funky journey.” You can download the lustrous remix, here.

September 19, 2016

The wait for new music from Washington, D.C. production talent Eau Claire seemed to stretch for an eternity, but that thirst for some slick disco and smooth house has finally been quenched… not by a fresh remix, or a fierce edit… no, it’s been quelled by a two track EP! Eau Claire has presents us with All The Wonder, a collection made up of two glamorous and scintillating originals, the producer’s very first. Room, which features foxy vocals by Camille Michelle Grey and sexy sax by Cautious Clay, is a luscious pumping, shiny chromatic nu-disco and house chimera. The room which Eau Claire transports me into is lit by brilliant dancing flames. It’s a steamy dance hall in which succulent beats and breezy vocals keep us cool. From this room we step into the next, an open air space in which we gaze dreamily into the night sky as we revel away to All The Wonder’s deep sumptuous beats and meditative bouncing chords. Stream that track, the title song from Eau Claire’s EP, below. All The Wonder is also Eau Claire’s debut performance on vocals. Her airy enchanting voice lifts up to great heights of ethereal euphoria. As if all these firsts aren’t enrapturing enough, Eau Claire’s All The Wonder EP arrives as the first release on her freshly minted label, Feed Me Disco. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see what Feed Me Disco will be bringing us going forth! Eau Claire’s EP is out now on iTunes.

June 18, 2016

Fast rising Washington, D.C. production star Eau Claire, despite playing what seems like an endless amount of shows and festivals (not including any in San Francisco yet, ahem), has otherwise been rather quiet on the new tunes front as of late. She did drop a killer remix of CAPPA’s Goddess several months ago to the sonic delight of countless fans like myself, but other than that, Eau Claire has been quietly and meticulously crafting new music, with an almost mysterious aura about her. Today, she finally comes up for air to give us a sensational indie dance remix of Naomi Pilgrim’s recent single Sink Like A Stone. The original is a boldly soaring and soulful robust electronic pop ballad that seems to fuse the husky power of Seinabo Sey with the sharp mettle of Rihanna. Eau Claire gives Sink Like A Stone a cool luxurious, twinkling brisk edit. Its spry nu-disco beats are enveloped in breezy Balearic house effulgence. I find myself entranced and captivated by this refreshing elixir. Eau Claire’s remix is also available to stream on Spotify.

March 25, 2016

I’ve been waiting what feels like an eternity to listen to this next remix that just dropped this morning. Its vibrant beats, prismatic hues, and uplifting radiance come from Washington, D.C. based producer Eau Claire, who’s quickly become one of the most exciting new producers in the industry. Her edit of Nashville pop starlet Cappa’s Goddess only serves to highlight the fact that both Cappa and Eau Claire are young goddesses in their respective genres, one an enrapturing pop artist, the other a dance floor magician. Eau Claire serves up a sumptuous plate of summery house and indie dance on this luminous banger. Cappa takes us to the clouds with her breathy candied vocals. Download the dreamy remix for free, here.

December 16, 2015

Excuse me as I try to catch my breath, because two IHM loved electronic acts combine on this next one. Fast emerging Washington, D.C. talent Eau Claire has dropped a remix of Chicago trio Autograf’s recent transcendental

Janelle Kroll featuring original, Metaphysical. While some of the earlier Eau Claire tunes that IHM has supported were much frenetic and vigorous bangers, the skilled producer showcases her more deep and melodic side on a sparkling, synth laden remix of Metaphysical that befits its name. Janelle Kroll’s heavenly vocals glide unbound in a sea of intangibly divine beauty.

October 6, 2015

A trendy disco beat that the soul cannot resist eating up, Eau Claire’s remix of Phases’ ‘I’m In Love With My Life’ could probably be the theme song for her life right now. There’s been a lot of first for this Washington, D.C. based producer this year and now she’s treating us with her second ever remix that’s made it on a record label. After meeting her at Splash House in Palm Springs this past August, I realize how down to earth and deserving she is of all the success coming her way. This track is similar to her, infectious and leaves me with a sense of joy. 

July 30, 2015

There’s no doubt that Washington, DC based producer Eau Claire is one of many people’s favorite fast rising producers, having played her fest debuts earlier this year and successfully thrilled huge, voracious crowds to much euphoria. Even Idolator listed her as one of the top 10 house producers to know just recently. I wholeheartedly agree. After all, Rachel has constantly and consistently offered us a stream of versatile remixes this past year, from funky fresh boogie down tracks to summery, melodic house jams. Eau Claire’s latest track is a remix of emerging Australian synthfunk duo Midnight Pool Party’s snappy, swanky Disease. She skillfully morphs the original’s French electro splendor into a grooving nu-disco banger. Instead of midnight pool party, this is a brilliant sunset and flashy shades pool party. Funky, enthralling piano chord progressions and chipper beats makes this a disease I welcome with arms outstretched and dance shoes ready. Download the remix for free, here. Eau Claire will be playing Splash House in Palm Springs come August 8th-9th, as well as several other shows in DC, NY, and LA  throughout the next month.

June 25, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I’m in a splendid mood now that it’s summer. The days are long, I’m camping by the beach this weekend, and the weather is perfect. It’s my favorite time of year, and there’s no better way to celebrate that fact than by listening and dancing to a bouncy, honeyed remix of Saint Motel’s My Type by red hot Washington, D.C. producer Eau Claire. Like Saint Motel sings on the song, it’s just “my type”. Eau Claire takes the Los Angeles band’s infectious synthpop song and translates it into a glistening, Balearic flavored sparkler of a house track. It’s a weightless slice of paradise, a reminder of all the things I love about this season.

May 21, 2015

Eau Claire is another rising star in the production scene that continues to please my ears over and over again, track after new track. The Washington, D.C. talent has, deservedly and expectedly, garnered a lot of attention this year with her music. Early on, Eau Claire proved herself adept at gifting us exhilarating, vivacious remixes (ie. her bumping edit of Mike Posner’s Cooler Than Me). Recently, she’s demonstrated an adept versatility with tracks that are dreamier and wispier, such as this one, her new remix of emerging Nashville pop artist CAPPA’s Killin’ It. Killin’ It, CAPPA’s latest single, is a dark, synthy, and seductive pop song. Eau Claire gives it the airy atmosphere of long summer days and the sparkling warmth of beautiful summer nights. It’s a soothing but candied dance gem with a delicate disco groove. The original is off CAPPA’s self titled debut EP, out nex tweek.

April 23, 2015

The banging goodies just kept coming in today, many of which I had a fortunate preview of previously and was fidgeting to share with you. Count this one under that glowing list. Turns out, Golden Coast’s brand of neon lit synth and dance pop music is the perfect material for Washington, D.C.’s fast rising production talent, Eau Claire, to remix. I’ve shared many, if not all, of Eau Claire’s tracks with you these past months. This luscious remix of Golden Coast’s Futurist is probably her smoothest and most buttery offering yet. While it carries plenty of Eau Claire’s nu-disco radiance, it’s also silken sleek and glistening slick. Dreamy, wispy notes cascade endlessly on the feel good jam, which grooves along at a slower tempo than we’re used to from Eau Claire. I’m not one to complain. This is divine. Heads up, kids, a free download will be availble this Friday, April 24th.