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Hear ye, hear ye

September 28, 2011

korn and skrillex

So it’s been officially announced that Korn’s next album is a dubstep album. Does it surprise me? NOT at all! I saw it coming with the Skrillex collaboration titled Get Up awhile back. And I’ve been saying it for awhile that harder rock and dubstep need to make a wild child together cuz it works really well (some of my friends lurking on here heard it from me previously, right?). According to NME, the album is going to include work with producers such as Noisia, Datsik, 12th Planet, Excision, and Kill The Noise. Wooooo. I think I’m excited about this. Yes, I am. For those that are surprised…. don’t be worried, it’s still going to be very much Korn, but add in some maaaaaaad wobbles. It’ll be good, trust me. Well, if it’s anything like Get Up… hopefully it will be. If you haven’t heard Get Up, take a listen… if it’s too hard for you, too bad. 😉 It’s Korn. And Skrillex. What do ya expect? Huh? Haha.