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October 27, 2017

We’ve been waiting an excruciatingly long time to hear a new original from our Australian favorites, Du Tonc, so it’s with much relish that we now dive into Matt Van Schie and Mighty Mouse’s appropriately named new electronic knockout, High. The pair also announced that they’ve finished their long awaited debut album. High is an exhilarating intergalatic whirlpool, with I Know Leopard’s Jenny McCullagh on resplendent backing vocals. Its kaleidoscopic spiral is an iridescent vortex made up of spacey disco and ethereal synthwave. High, despite being a propulsive boost of pure exultant bliss, is also dipped in a pool of wistful melancholia and aching yearning. You can stream/download the polychromatic dazzler, here. We’ll be eagerly awaiting more news regarding Du Tonc’s debut album, and hoping for a tour that will bring them back to California.

July 17, 2017

We’ve been thirsting all year for fresh music from Australia’s Du Tonc, the brilliant duo consisting Matt Van Schie and Mighty Mouse, and though they haven’t dropped their next single together just yet, they have doused us with pristine pure euphoria in the form of their new remix of Toronto producer Munshine’s recent single Full Throttle, featuring the Darcys. Du Tonc turns the 80′s inspired neon disco found on the luxuriant original into a glamorous deep disco affair with their deep thrumming, relentlessly pulsating refix. Prepare to dance all day long to this coruscant whirlwind of ecstasy, a “full throttle” of an exhilarating banger in every sense.

November 28, 2016

I’m sucker for synth pop. We’ve been waiting for ‘Wonderland’s’ release since we heard about it with its b-side ‘Keep Moving’ being released about a month ago. The Australian duo’s artwork for both tracks, ‘Keep Moving’ and ‘Wonderland’ sum up the nu disco artist’s feels for both songs. A cosmically beautiful journey.

October 27, 2016

I feel like I’m always waiting for new Du Tonc, and each time the Australian duo throws us a brilliant new track, I’m left hungry for more. As it turns out, a new single named Wonderland is on its way, and though we don’t get to listen to it just yet, we do get to partake in its B-side, a disco buzzing delight named Keep Movin’. This glamorous pumping jam can keep me moving all night long. In fact, if they were to make a new Drive soundtrack right about now, Keep Movin’ would be a requisite must. The artwork for the single sums it all up nicely with its lunar glow and its mist encircled shiny red car, no doubt out for an epic turn on the highway till sunrise. Matt Van Schie and Mighty Mouse’s intoxicating new song is like Kavinsky gone new wave dreamy and synthpop airy. If this is the b-side, I can’t imagine what Wonderland will sound like. The single is set to arrive on November 28th. Keep Movin’ is a free download, here.

October 1, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 09.28.2016

Featured music – September 28th, 2016

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September 29, 2016

One of the brilliant halves that make up Australian duo Du Tonc has chosen to regale us with a remix of their dreamy drifting, bright plumed sojourn Slow Down. Can you guess which half? Hint, it’s not Matt Van Schie. That’s right, Nightfilm founder Mighty Mouse gives balmy waving disco synthpop ambler Slow Down a crisp clapping, spacey analogue club edit, and it’s full on groovy intoxicating. It may be close to midnight on a Wednesday night as I write this, but I’m flying high on this spinning rocket ship bejeweled in chrome sequins. The nu-disco house on Mighty Mouse’s remix is glamorously mesmeric, and it’s but one dazzling edit of Slow Down out of more to come. 

June 29, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 06.27.2016

Featured music – June 27th, 2016

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June 28, 2016

I’ve been on the edge of my seat ever since Du Tonc teased a brand new song several weeks ago, trying to quell the swift pumping of my heart with each passing day. It’s been some long months since the Australian synthpop duo, formed by brilliant musician Matt Van Schie and esteemed producer (and Nightfilm founder) Mighty Mouse, has given us any fresh music. It nearly felt like Christmas morning when I woke up to the emergence of Slow Down. The masterful electronic opus opens up like the portal to a lush fantasy land, a verdant jungle teeming with brightly plumed creatures. Slow down we do, as Du Tonc takes us on a dreamy drifting sojourn through that enchanted world. Slow Down’s summery disco and wavy synthpop are like a hazy swirling combination of Chromatics with Daft Punk. The song also features backing vocals by I Know Leopard’s Jenny McCullagh. This sweet intoxicating tidal wave of sheer euphoria is available now from iTunes.

February 3, 2016

Australian synthpop and disco geniuses, Du Tonc, the brilliant duo made up of Matt Van Schie and Mighty Mouse, rear their innovative heads anew with a rework of 1992 Annie Lennox classic Little Bird. It’s been forever since I last heard that old hit. The version of Little Bird that Du Tonc brings us is a refreshing update, a mesmerizing deep house breath of disco tinged fresh air. There’s an immense sense of wonderment within the remix. That “little bird” is about to take flight over the most magnificent panoramas, eyes open wide, heart pumping alongside Du Tonc’s crisp beats, mind dazzled by the vast beauty of the world. This is a lush and liberating house edit that sets my spirit free. The remix, which has received support from The Magician, Tensnake, Yuksek, and The Aston Shuffle, is a generous free download on Du Tonc’s Soundcloud.

November 25, 2015

Last month, Du Tonc had us enraptured with new single We Can Hold On, a glorious fusion of synthpop and disco sure to get your feet shuffling, your head nodding, and your body grooving. The slick jam is a must re-share now that Matt Van Schie and Mighty Mouse have released a music video for the milky, buttery single. There’s a dark tone to the music video that befits the inherent duskiness of We Can Hold On. The single is only Du Tonc’s fifth so far despite how long they’ve been regaling us with their luscious beats, satin vocals, and phosphorescent melodies. Purchase We Can Hold On via iTunes.