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December 12, 2017

STITCH is a new band out of London who are stitching together some superb alt pop in the month or so since they’ve segued from offering remixes to originals. The trio of friends, who originally met at university, transfixes us with their second single, Not One To Say, a grand cinematic, atmospheric riveting anthem whose dark gothic introduction builds into a brass-backed, drum & bass inflected sprawling soundscape. It’s the follow up to their gorgeously billowing debut, Fool, which can be streamed, here

STITCH says of their new single: “Not One To Say is a nostalgic self-reflection of the past. It deals with feeling lost, spaced out in a dream-like state, and trying to comprehend loss and your part to play in it. The song highlights how the repression of words and emotions, internalising rather than expressing your feelings to others can lead to a different, perhaps less clear path than you expected. It looks back with both a warm embrace of the good times, but also a wistful sense of longing for who you were before life began to change.” STITCH has already recorded a debut EP, which we’re looking forward to hearing. They’ve already successfully transferred their sound to the stage, too, having performed to packed crowds back home in the UK. 

April 22, 2017

Dutch production project Arkayne makes an indelible impression with new single Up In Flames. It’s indeed an inferno of melodic luring, gritty thumping, and filthy swiveling trap on this guttural gripping anthem. Arkayne, or Haarlem based Kevin van der Tholan, lists his genre type as “dubstep, drum & bass, and trap blend”. He ‘blends’ those scintillating sounds with skill on this dark brooding, prickly stimulating spectacular. Up In Flames is a free download, here.

February 22, 2017

WRLD continues his worldwide ascent as a producer to watch with Everything, a new original that features British singer and producer Ashdown on guest vocals. The Dutch producer presents us with a very unique and fresh approach on drum and bass with this swift rippling, spongy sleek emulsion. Has anyone coined the term “future drum and bass” yet? Because I think WRLD may have invented exactly that with this imaginative music. Everything is indeed everything… from classical bridges to choppy breaks, wavy synths to silky vocals, it has it all.  Everything is out now on Monstercat, purchase or stream from additional sources, here.

February 9, 2017

Whenever I think of Delta Heavy, my mind invariably turns towards one of my all time favorite music videos for one of the most exhilarating electronic bangers, ever. I’m a sucker for anything feline related, as well as a huge fan of anything twisted and macabre. Toss in my love for heavy hitting dance music, and Delta Heavy’s video for Hold Me inevitably left a lasting impression. Fast forward half a decade and the British production duo known for their drum and bass, jungle, and dubstep compositions have unleashed yet another robust soaring new single. Kaleidoscope fuses the aforementioned drum & bass rolls and dubstep wobbles to form a vocal driven drumstep anthem that features husky soulful female vocals. Kaleidoscope is out now, additional streaming and purchases, here.

December 3, 2016

This next crushing jam involves not one favorite IHM producer, not two favorite IHM producers, but a trifecta of them, and as one would expect from such a remix union, this track is pure fire. I’m already such a massive fan of Pluto and ye’s future trap spectacular, Feel The Fire. Now, Austin auteur Bronze Whale has given it his own spin, tossing it into a turbulent sea of frenetic chops and urgent trills. The end result is a relentless wall of invigorating yet bewitching chill trap and resolute bass. Most unexpected of all is the glorious drum and bass finish at the end. Bronze Whale’s remix is a work of grandeur, one that suffuses me with welcome vitality and spirit. I feel ready for anything now. I’ve faced the fire, felt the fire, and become the fire. The remix is a free download, here.

August 19, 2016

CRUELS slayed on the San Francisco based artist and producer’s first single with Salt Ashes nearly a year ago. It was a grand first impression that left the tastemaker scene all abuzz. On new track Makeshift, CRUELS again selects to collaborate with an IHM praised and beloved act. Makeshift is a rich stirring, vibrant dashing mix of R&B soul and electronica that features impassioned crooning by St. Louis by way of Los Angeles progressive soul artist, Brandyn Burnette. The song’s jagged beats and rolling percussion take us for an urgent and agitated ride with drum and bass undertones. This powerful piece is out now on iTunes.

August 10, 2016

17 year old London artist Liv Dawson is stunning on Still, her latest atmospheric spellbinder. The graceful elegance of the song, Liv’s immaculate voice, and a hypnotic beat quickly evokes London Grammar, but Still feels more drum ‘n’ bass than trip hop. Despite its rich electronic atmosphere, there’s a starkness to Still that hits the deep and hard. Still follows on Liv Dawson’s highly successful debut Tapestry, which surpassed a million streams on Spotify in but a few months and drummed up some major buzz. It likely doesn’t need to be said, but Liv Dawson is an artist to watch. Still will be out on iTunes tomorrow, August 10th.

July 13, 2016

London based electronic trio Rumours melds soul, electronic, and pop into rousing intense sonic creations, and they’ve just released a marvelous five track EP named Shapes. While we’ve already listened to the first two tracks on Shapes together, I direct you towards track #3 this glorious morning. Fallout is a dark atmospheric eruption of shifty dance music and vivid pop. It’s like an amalgamation of Haelos, AlunaGeorge, and London Grammar, teetering between drum ‘n bass and trip pop, garage and UK house, and all delivered with exhilarating percussive rolls, scintillating breaks, and opulent vocals. Rumours’ Shapes EP can be streamed in full on Soundcloud.

February 3, 2016

Rhodes’ Wishes is a heart rending, gut wrenching ballad, the magnificent title track off a criminally underrated and overlooked debut album, one that soundtracked some beautiful evenings when I took it with me on my trip to Europe last Fall. German production group Hitimpulse offers a surprise transformation of that breathtaking gem by pairing Rhodes’ poignantly wavering vocals with a rolling, grandiose drum and bass soundscape. Hitimpulse, who just signed to Sony recently (congratulations!), have crafted a soaringly dramatic electronic remix to sweep us off our feet. I never thought to pair Rhodes with drum and bass, but Hitimpulse has done it, and done it well.

August 31, 2015

Young producer Memtrix links up with fellow UK producer Spor on a drum and bass thriller aptly named Darkest Hours. Crisp percussion joins an enthralling melody, straggly synths, and intoxicating bass for a dusky roller coaster ride of sonic euphoria, all topped off with breathy, enchanting vocals and hooking back vocals. It’s a killer track both gritty and beautiful. Darkest Hours will be out with B-side Super Trace on September 14th via We Are Lifted. It’s available to pre-order on iTunes.