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March 12, 2017

On Friday, KYKO, the South London based singer songwriter who’s been swooning us with his brand of summery indie pop for the past two years, dropped his new EP, Wildlife. The four track record is all that we love about KYKO. In fact, we’ve already shared three of those tunes with endless zeal. The final piece to this euphonic treat is a tune named Drive, on which KYKO whisks off our feet with plenteous tropical percussion and a wealth of balmy synthpop. Drive is a heartwarming affair, and a fast reminder why we’ve been huge fans of this artist for so long. Stream KYKO’s Wildlife EP in full on Soundcloud and purchase from iTunes. Drive can also be streamed off Soundcloud below.

October 15, 2016

GLADES’ Drive is easily a favorite indie ballad of the year, its elegant surges and rippling swells too breathtakingly beautiful to resist. The R&B accented ambient pop on the Australian trio’s song tends to remind me of Daughter’s atmospheric indietronica but infused with Lapsley’s soulfulness,
Poliça’s huskiness, WET’s sensual melancholy, and BROODS’ twilight enchantment. Drive is now accompanied with a stunning music video, the trio’s first ever. They shot the video with director Peter John in a New York loft style apartment suite, capturing a love story that befits the song in the process. GLADES will be releasing their debut EP This Is What It’s Like on October 21st, and they’ll be touring Australia later in the year. Perhaps they can make their way across the Pacific and visit San Francisco, too, if I dare hope. Drive can be purchased from major outlets, here.

September 13, 2016

Oakland’s own KRNE has been taking us to cloud nine with his brand of hyper charged electro trap all year long. The producer gives Jai Wolf’s The Chain Gang Of 1974 featuring hit single Drive the KRNE treatment, transforming it into a frenetic trilling, dense compacting future re-work both endlessly invigorating and shiver inducing exhilarating. The epic dramatic edit is out now on Foreign Family Collective.

September 9, 2016

I happened to mention this particular tune earlier today when I shared The Chain Gang Of 1974′s latest single, and now we get to listen to a remix of Jai Wolf’s Drive, too. The original, featuring slick vocals by The Chain Gang Of 1974, is a dramatically cinematic song whose pulsing brilliance and smooth fluidity evoke M83. The version that budding American producer Attom gives us of Drive is as shiver inducing ambient electronica and chill trap re-work. This atmospheric remix envelops us with its soft glow and plush airiness, taking us on an epic float through the cosmos. It’s almost as if Porter Robinson and Odesza combined and went chillwave on us. This cruising “drive” is nothing short of beautiful. 

August 11, 2016

It’s hard to believe Gretta Ray is only 18 after listening to Drive. The Australian singer songwriter, who’s also a member of producer Japanese Wallpaper’s band, sports a deep, husky voice. And she’s utterly charismatic on the earthy pop song, enthralling us with seasoned sophistication. Drive follows on the recent heels of the young artist’s first EP, a four track collection she wrote when she was only 15. As Gretta Ray prepares to release her next EP, it’s become apparent that she’s going to capture plenty of hearts with her dulcet, charming music.

July 21, 2016

I thank my lucky stars that my music discovery adventures lead me to a producer named WATGOOD yesterday afternoon. The Scotland based electronic artist, who’s also one half of Edinburgh duo Sleepyhed, first captured my attention with his brand new remix of Marina And The Diamond’s Primadonna. Marina remixes don’t come along very often, and I’m a big fan of the pop artist and the whole concept album which Primadonna comes off of (Electra Heart), so my curiosity was immediately piqued by the newly surfaced edit. WATGOOD dropped my jaw to the floor with his taut electrifying, future vibing beauty. Its choppy brilliance and shifted vocals give us a very fresh approach on Marina that’s playfully frisky and fizzy fantastical. I can’t get enough of this twinkling sublime remix, or WATGOOD, to be honest. For more of WATGOOD’s wavy electro & chill future trap production, stream originals Pelican and Drive below. You can download his Primadonna remix for free from Toneden.

May 7, 2016

Like the famed soundtrack that tends to be evoked whenever the word “drive” arises, Jai Wolf’s Drive is dramatically cinematic. The epic song features one of my favorite indie electronic acts, too. On vocal duties is Colorado’s dreamy The Chain Gang of 1974. They take us to cruising altitude with Drive, its pulsing brilliance and smooth fluidity more M83 than the usual future vibrant Jai Wolf we’re used to. Drive is Jai Wolf’s tenth release from Foreign Family Collective, the outlet for musicians and visual artists curated by ODESZA. Download this magnificent anthem from iTunes.

April 2, 2016

Drive, the elegantly rippling, expansively swelling new single from Australian alt pop trio GLADES, gets a full bodied remix by New Zealand dubstep pioneers Mt Eden. That’s right, GLADES just went melodic dubstep and trap, and oddly enough, GLADES’ Drive now reminds me very much of Poliça after this grand and expansive remix. This drive is a profound tour of magnificent vistas and spectacular panoramas.

March 4, 2016

LOLAWOLF’s Drive gets a crisply lifting remix by rising Los Angeles based producer Clayjay. The New York trio’s song scintillates with a sparkle in its step and a weightless bounce to its skip on the effervescent edit. Zoe Kravitz’s voice takes on an extra layer of ethereal shine, gliding along effortlessly and airily, complementing Clayjay’s carefree future beats and colorful synths. This is less a “drive” and more a “cruise” through a world full of hope, love, and joy. Last night’s mistakes are left behind in the dust, at least, for a sublime moment. Download the remix for free, here.

February 9, 2016

Last year, a mysterious new act out of Los Angeles swiftly caught my attention with an innovative cover of Katy Perry’s California Girls, with some Tupac goodness thrown in, too. It was a funky jam that last year’s Super Bowl star, Left Shark, would shimmy away to in glee. Turns out, the voice and brains behind Pretty Sister is none other than Zak Waters, whose satin vocals now swoon me to the max on soulful funk and R&B jam Drive. The song is meant to embody everything there is to love about LA, an ode to sunny days driving up and down the Pacific Coast Highway with the top down blasting Tupac. With the weather we’re having this week in San Francisco, I think I should drive up and down the Pacific Coast Highway up here in NorCal, with the windows down blasting Pretty Sister. It’ll be luxuriously divine. Purchase Drive on iTunes.