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May 16, 2018

We’ve been following along with GRMLN since the project was a one person project, helmed by San Francisco musician Yoodoo Park. The music Yoodoo and his brother serve up is part 90s Dinosaur Jr slacker rock, part Day Wave surf pop, and a whole lot of sun-kissed, blissed out nostalgia. Later this month, GRMLN will officially release a new EP named Explore II. Drift Away is its opening track, a dreamy jangling, dulcet strumming lo-fi bedroom delight that oozes endless West Coast charm. You can listen to Explore II on Bandcamp, here, or Spotify, here.

October 22, 2015


Very shortly on October 23rd, Portland’s Dresses will be dropping their new EP, and every song we’ve heard off Let Down so far has been pure indie pop bliss. Having just flown back from a whirlwind expedition to Europe, I find myself utterly content at returning to newly revealed EP track Drift Away as my very first must share track. Drift Away’s boy girl vocals, its enchanting melody, and the bouncy airiness of the whimsically bittersweet gem are indistinguishably melding with the nostalgic, semi sad feels I’m experiencing after falling in love with worlds I must say farewell to, poignant goodbyes much familiar to ill fated star crossed lovers. I drift away in a sea of wistful emotion and heart swelling ecstasy on the beautiful song’s waves of plucky, contagious radiance as I wholeheartedly envelope myself with its glowing synths and sparkling pop charisma. Visit Dresses’ Soundcloud to listen to more music from their upcoming EP, and purchase the duo’s harmonious, wide eyed indie music on iTunes.

OFFICIAL VID: Bleeding Rainbow – Drift Away

October 30, 2012

Philadelphia indie rockers Bleeding Rainbow are releasing a new album early next year titled Yeah Right (I coulda sworn the release date was this month, did they push it back?). Here’s the second single off that disc, Drift Away, with a fuzzy video that very much fits the special week. The stop motion animation shows a weird, creepy alien figure. The song is some satisfying lo-fi shoegaze. 

In case you missed my share of the first single, here it is again: