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January 19, 2017

It’s been a year since London four piece ISLAND arrived on the scene with their debut EP, Girl, an ace release which includes debut single Stargazer. Though I’ve yet to go stargazing to the song, one of my favorite debuts that year, I’m still so deeply in love with the indie rock song’s ethereal reverbs and weathered beauty. ISLAND resurfaces today with a gorgeous third single from their forthcoming sophomore EP, A Place You Like. I knew, even even before I listened to Dreaming Of, that I’d fall all over again for the band. Sure enough, I find myself at the mercy of their gently billowing, spacious and melodic rock. The best thing from this meditative stirring piece is its cascades of art rock meets post-rock guitar. They draw us in, animated and lithe, burning with a brilliant intensity alongside ISLAND’s raw emotive vocals. It utterly stumps me that ISLAND is still an unsigned band, most likely by choice. You can pre-order new EP A Place You Like from iTunes ahead of its February 3rd release date. ISLAND will be headlining 1,000 capacity British venue Heaven on May 3rd after their February dates in support of Amber Run.