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April 11, 2018

Hariette Pilbeam has made a rising name of herself out of Brisbane, Australia as Hatchie, with her gazey dream pop and purling indie rock. We’re ecstatic to have written about her for the Official SXSW Bloggers Guide this year, and we made sure to make our way out to Secret Sounds x Sounds Australia showcase during our week in Austin to take in her music. The Cocteau Twins inspired artist returns with her 90s inflected sun-kissed sound on new single Sugar & Spice, another glistening dose of her ravishing artistry. Hopefully, she’ll make her way out to California sometime soon. That short set at SXSW only served to whet our appetite and create an even more intense urge to see her again. Sugar & Spice is the title track from Hatchie’s next EP, out next month. Pre-order, here.

March 22, 2018

I was very fortunate to come across some very fine emerging projects and songs in my music discovery journey this morning, one of which is bdrmm, a project from the UK who for reasons unknown to me, likes to call their music “ugly pop”. One listen to new single kare will convince you there’s nothing ugly at all about their dreamy and ethereal rock. kare is beautifully nostalgic, gorgeously wistful, and so wonderfully intoxicating with its diaphanous & gazey, spindly & lo-fi appeal. It’s almost as if Band Of Horses, Slowdive, and American Football all came together on a song. The five piece band’s prior EP, Yucky, is also quite the lo-fi bedroom indie treat, as our their other releases, like more anthemic and polished ‘islands_’ which you can stream below. Yucky and other tracks can be streamed off Soundcloud, here.

March 21, 2018

The moment I heard Glory Me, I fell hard for FRANKIIE, an all female four piece from Vancouver, Canada. The song kicks off with a smoky curling step that reminded me of Feist before it opens up into a rambunctiously chugging dream rock escapade. Glory Me comes off the band’s debut full length arriving later this year. The indie outfit released an EP and toured a bit in 2015 before focusing on their own individual projects, but it didn’t take too long before their members reconvened with renewed excitement. FRANKIIE’s full length will move away from their earlier folk tendencies and into a more experimental alt-rock vibe, as heard on sultry simmering, noire burning Glory Me, which contemplates life and death, like many of the other tracks on that forthcoming album. Watch the music video for Glory Me below. Glory Me can also be streamed via alternate platforms, here.

January 31, 2018

British indie rockers Gengahr put forth an excellent debut album named A Dream Outside back in summer of 2015, and now they’re in the midst of rolling out fine tunes off of a sophomore album due to arrive in March. We somehow missed out on this news despite our fondness for their dreamy melodic rock, but today we hop on Gengahr’s third single from Where Wildness Grows with much zeal. Before Sunrise is a lightly jaunty, mellow curling anthem topped off with Gengahr’s sublime falsetto styled vocals. It’s like a cross between Local Natives and Sundara Karma, an airy gleaming ode to the weightless relief and simplicity of losing yourself in the night, before all the worries and noise of daytime beset you again. You can pre-order Gengahr’s second album, here, before it arrives on March 9th.

January 27, 2018

Oakland’s very own indie sensation Jay Som, aka Melina Duterte, released her new 7″ Pirouette today. We shared the A-side last week and regaled in her scuzzy curling guitars and dreamy lilting voice on the indie rock gem (re-visit the feature, here). With the release of the single, we now get to partake in its B-side, too. “O.K., Meet Me Underwater” is surprisingly more dreamy and languorous. It’s a hazy and gauzy tune from the singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. The B-side’s diaphanous rock is more like a cross between Yumi Zouma and Wolf Alice than Jay Som’s more raw and ragged gems. Order Jay Som’s new 7″, here. Stream/download, here.

October 26, 2017

Let’s all drift in a dream with Benjamin Jones and his new single Separation. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter used tour with Youth Lagoon as his guitarist. Separation is his first single after signing to Plastic Jurassic. A drizzle of slowcore takes us on a leisurely stroll before Separation turns into a lush and misty indie rock waltz that explores heartbreak and loss. Sufjan Stevens’ finespun intricacy meets The Shins’ pensive rock on the sublime saunter, which will be released on limited 7″ soon.

September 9, 2017

I don’t think my love affair with Oakland’s own Day Wave will ever come to an end, and now stepping into the spotlight from the ranks of Jackson Phillips’ band is Henry Nowhere, whose made a two song debut on Sleep Well Records to capture our hearts, too. Gauzy bedroom pop and sun-bleached indie rock greets our ears on dreamy and heady Come Back From LA. Henry, who’s been an on-call Bay Area guitarist since high school, has made an intoxicating entrance with his first songs. Who wouldn’t want to “come back from LA” to this tune? It wraps its diaphanous tendrils around us and beckons us home. The other song from his debut is named Don’t Care Where, and its just a perfect dreamy swirling, soothing plush, & nostalgia drenched indie gem, with a light, airy groove. Stream Don’t Care Where below and sway in quixotic bliss. It’s funny. One song seems to call our hearts back to California, while the other makes us realize we could be anywhere in the world. Pop on some Henry Nowhere, and home is where our, um, ears are? You can find both songs on iTunes, here.

August 10, 2017

Kelcey Ayer of Local Natives embarked on a new adventure last month as solo project Jaws Of Love. The self titled song that he gave us for his first single left us with our jaws agape with its dreamy contemplative beauty. He’s followed that tune up with another gently floating swathe of melancholia named Love Me Like I’m Gone, and we’re all but melting into a helpless puddle to the heartfelt indie ballad. Love Me Like I’m Gone has been featured in Will Arnett’s Netflix series Flaked, and it’s quite the weathered and emotive combination of soft folksy guitar picks, dreamy atmospheric keys, and earnest vocals. Love Me Like I’m Gone is our second taste from Jaws of Love’s debut album Tasha Sits Close To The Piano, arriving September 22nd via House Arrest. Pre-order, here.

July 13, 2017

Brooklyn by way of Maine singer songwriter Luke Rathborne has signed to Ribbon Music, and with that news comes two new tunes, including an evocative pop song named Don’t Call Me Baby. There’s a whimsical quality to the guitar pop strummer, which has a touch of the folksy appeal of Blind Pilot but with a crunchier and more zestful rock vibrancy, as if endowed with a sliver of Declan McKenna or Will Joseph Cook. Don’t Call Me Baby is accompanied by I Wish I Was A Bird, a dreamier indietronica cut much pensive and contemplative, which you can stream below. I Wish I Was A Bird reminds me of Phosphorescent’s Song For Zula, but surrounded in experimental electronic apparatus and seated in a thicker, lusher environment. It’s quite the one two punch Luke Rathborne has given us today, and it’s only a taste of more to come soon.  

July 7, 2017

Cina Polada is a Helsinki based indie pop outfit who’s been absent from the scene since late 2015. The whimsically named project make an enchanting return with new single Gloom, whose glistening dream pop and angular punching guitar pop is like a mix of School Of Seven Bells and Snakadaktal, with a pinch of post-punk and a dusting of shoegaze. Cina Polada is lead by the duo of Hilla and Tatu Miettinen, accompanied by Tatu’s younger brother Teemu and good friends Tony Salo and Nita Mattila, but it originally started as Hilla’s solo project. I’d hitherto missed out on their music, but I find myself now utterly captivated by their luscious glimmering, spindly radiant pop on Gloom, which is the first taste of a debut self titled EP, arriving September 29th via Strangers Candy on limited edition cassette and digitally.