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March 28, 2018

The thought of teflon usually brings to mind something tough and resistant, hard and strong. Yet Cleveland’s Teflon Sega renders us a melted, liquefied mess every time he serenades us with one of his R&B soul ballads. Those feelings bubble to surface yet again as Teflon Sega melts us with his creamy, satiny cooing on new single Closure, a poignant lament of a dreamy electro and velvety R&B track featuring sonic magician YLXR on foggy atmospheric, dusky surreal production duty. Tragic romance and aching heartbreak take a hold of us as we dissolve into this pillowy, dreamy affair. While the closure we seek in life might always evade us, at least we can seek comfort in Teflon Sega and drift into the night feeling a little bit more complete. Closure is a free download, here.

May 20, 2017

It’s likely you’ve already heard about this talented musician from New York, particularly if you take into account the sheer amount of streams he’s racked up on all the tracks he’s released under the project name of joji (millions, to be exact). Even if not, you might be familiar with the enigmatic artist’s role in web series Filthy Frank TV, or his other project, Pink Guy. His latest release as joji is a mellow lilting, diaphanous hovering downtempo pop piece named ‘i don’t wanna waste my time’, and it’s the exact opposite of a waste of anybody’s time. In fact, time itself ceases to exist for a few brief minutes as we drift in deep contemplation to this heartrending bedroom pop emulsion. Listen to some of joji’s other offerings via Soundcloud, here.

April 25, 2017

Enter a misty surreal, foggy swirling world alongside Spanish starlet Sofi de la Torre as she links up with guest vocalist Taylor Bennett on her latest single, Views Of You. Fleecy plush, feathery soft Views Of You is a supple hovering, poignantly reflective beauty. If there’s any moment to coin the sub-genre name “dream R&B”, it would probably be now, expressly for Views Of You. Sofi de la Torre’s outstanding new single caresses us ever so gently, yet it has the striking ability to drive straight into the heart and draw the deepest sighs. 

January 26, 2017

R&B singer songwriter SVFARI resurfaces from London and re-unites with UK producer Atlas on a tender stirring piece named For Something You Love. The fleecy melting beauty is a taste from SVFARI’s debut EP, due out later this year. It’s midnight magic as SVFARI’s vocoder treated vocals hover tentatively in the air, guiding us through Atlas’ lush celestial soundscape. This imaginative aerial lullaby is sure to take you to a land of enchantment, at times in a similar fashion to some of Francis and the Light’s music, but more plush and cottony.

November 2, 2016

Call Me Up envelops us in buttery smooth, swirling warm R&B pop, leaving us in a divinely relaxed state of mind. The song is the latest from Montreal project Homeshake, the brainchild of  ex-Mac DeMarco member Pete Sagar. Pete is preparing a third album for eager fans. In the meantime, he floats us into the clouds with honeyed intoxicating, gooey melting bedroom pop. Homeshake’s new album Fresh Air will arrive on February 3rd. You can pre-order, here.

November 1, 2016

It’s a sensual and dark Halloween night we alight on as Floridian singer songwriter DVWEZ seduces us ominously with the luxuriant electronica and provocative R&B found on Haunted. Though steamy and moist, Haunted carries a menacing undertone in its turbid production, creating an exciting and irresistible sense of danger and risk. DVWEZ’s breathy ravishing voice calls out to us like a siren, tempting us ever deeper into her dusky bewitching world. The dreamy glimmering, murky shifting song arrives with a ghostly music video filmed, directed, and edited by Joe DeSantis (Megabyte Films). He gives the song the visual capacity to come alive in an eerie surreal 70′s themed house. Haunted is lifted from DVWEZ’s debut EP, PASTELS, which you can stream in on Soundcloud and purchase on iTunes.

October 18, 2016

Though I’m actually not a huge fan of champagne myself (the bubbly tends to tire me out and give me headaches), an occasional mimosa is a heavenly treat, plus the drink usually reminds me of brunch, my favorite egg-y meal of the day. Stalgia’s “Heaven + Mimosas” enwraps us in just as much, if not even more bliss. The Los Angeles duo makes a dreamy lush return on the heels of dark burning In The Trees, a song that left countless tastemaker hearts aflutter with excitement earlier this year. Stalgia swoops us into the clouds with their follow up. The misty R&B and fleecy pop on this reverie inducing confection waft through the air weightlessly, like ephemeral cotton candy. We melt into it, unable to untangle ourselves ever again. 

May 3, 2016

Dive off the deep end with RYD on Simple Place To Be, the Londoner’s latest ambient electronic and atmospheric pop hybrid. Like on previously shared gem Scintillate, RYD creates a dichotomy on Simple Place To Be, one of dark and light, haunting and soothing. The softly rippling, gently caressing aria is like a soft draft upon the skin, gone before you know it, but leaving a deep imprint within that ephemeral moment. The gossamer R&B vocals of the other worldly gem remind me of FKA Twigs collaborators inc. but with the weightless disembodiment of The Acid. Simple Place To Be may seem simple on the surface, but it’s a breathtaking beauty full of fine detail.

February 2, 2016

I really did not intend to share a song named Hurricane after just featuring WDL’s Hurricane Highlife, but oddly enough, this is exactly what has happened. We follow up on that dynamic gem with this latest from French producer LeMarquis. Hurricane is far from turbulent to start, a calm ocean of muted heartbeats and classy keys… fully breathtaking. Then Alo Lee’s impassioned vocals kick in and the emotional hurricane on the slow burning, dreamy electro R&B song become eternally apparent. Sorrowfully beautiful, euphorically mournful, Hurricane’s storminess is hidden within its lovelorn torment, its mellow facade merely a visage, a covering for all the anguish that lies within its heart.