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April 6, 2018

Tonight, let’s take a trip to Tokyo on the wings of this fanciful billowing beauty, which comes courtesy of a supernova combination of international talent. British outfit Digital Farm Animals, Toronto’s Shaun Frank, and Canadian electropop troupe Dragonette unite to drench us with neon synths and buoyant beats on Tokyo Nights. For a few brief moments, I feel like I’m walking the streets of Shibuya again, eyes bright with wonder and heart aflutter with love. An exuberant pastiche of indie flavored dance pop and summery electro brightens our night on the feel good anthem, which is available from major outlets, here.

January 28, 2018

Hope For Tomorrow is a sweet surprise that dropped unexpectedly on Friday involving a trifecta of talent we had no idea were working together on a song. Chicago legends Autograf, French producer Klingande, and Canadian dance pop/electropop trio Dragonette unite on icy haunting, beat exultant extravaganza. A deliberate and sparse soundscape, punctuated with Marian Hill like glitchiness, is suffused with dramatic piano chords and Dragonette’s ethereal vocals. For all its inkiness, Hope For Tomorrow obviously views the world through rose colored glasses, with much optimism and positivity. Aside from being deeply and triumphantly captivating, Hope For Tomorrow reminds us no matter how bad it gets that tomorrow could be better… tomorrow WILL be better, even if it takes awhile for it to come. Hope For Tomorrow is available from major outlets, here.

January 3, 2017

Secret Stash isn’t the first display of how well Dutch producer Mike Mago fits with Canadian electronic trio Dragonette’s sound, and hopefully it won’t be the last either. As we wonder if another collaboration may appear in the years ahead, let’s dive head first into a scintillating remix of the song by ever exhilarating Dutch dance duo The Him. The edit, which was the last 2016 release on Hexagon, delivers vivacious energy in its brisk bounces and heavy beats. You might still be nursing a hangover from New Year’s Eve, but trust me, you’re going to want to go all night again when The Him opens those adrenaline and serotonin floodgates all over again with this future house jam. Snag the track, here.

November 4, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 11.01.2016 – 11.02.2016

Featured music – November 1-2, 2016

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November 2, 2016

In a fantastic feat of brilliance, Canadian electronic trio Dragonette has managed to combine indie dance music with the legend and lore of Star Wars. Prepare to dance like you’ve never danced before to the glamorous disco thrills and electro buzzing fireworks on Darth Vader. This is a sizzling hot banger ripe for endless spins around a dazzling mirror ball hanging over a crowded roller derby floor. Darth Vader is joyous and energetic. It’ll heat up any cold winter night, so I’m bringing it with me as we head deep into November and onto December. The single is the latest track previewed off of Dragonette’s fourth full length album, Royal Blues, due out November 11th. The band will be heading out soon on an extended tour across the nation with Lowell and Gibbz.

October 21, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 10.19.2016

Featured music – October 19th, 2016

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October 20, 2016

Not only has Dragonette revealed an exceptional new single this morning, but the Canadian trio present the song to us alongside a beautifully choreographed lyric video. Body 2 Body begins with much dreamy 80′s nostalgia, like a Tegan and Sara pop song, but it soon blossoms into a full on indie dance banger. It’s exactly the sort of brisk pumping, bass driven electropop that we adore from Dragonette. Body 2 Body full on soars as it obliterates the thin line between energetic electro and candied pop. Body 2 Body will be on Dragonette’s highly anticipated follow up to 2014′s Bodyparts, a fourth full length named Royal Blues, due out November 11th. Catch the band on tour this fall, details, here.

September 13, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 09.09.2016

Featured music – September 9th, 2016

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September 11, 2016

Not only is the “appeal” on this next one “galactic”, but the talent involved is beyond cosmic, too. Galactic Appeal is a crisp bouncy, snazzy glam disco dance sparkler from Canadian trio Dragonette and Los Angeles’ Pretty Sister, plus it features Swedish production whiz Tobtok, too. The frisky nu-disco sass dished out by Tobtok is pure ecstasy while Dragonette and Pretty Sisters’ sweet cheeky cooing twirl us round and round under a glittery mirror ball. Galactic Appeal is the perfect soundtrack for a fashionably late entrance to a magnificent dance party. All eyes are on you as you command the room, oozing sheer confidence. Snag the dazzler from iTunes.

July 29, 2016

A sweet bubbling, melodic endearing Hibell remix is just the right way to kick off a glorious weekend ahead. The 19 year old UK producer melts our hearts and moves our bodies with an airy ethereal, breezy effervescent remix of Canadian trio Dragonette’s latest single, Lonely Heart. The candy coated original and its rays of radiant sunshine burst with sonorous ebullience under Hibell’s expert dance pop re-design. His official Lonely Heart remix shimmers and fizzes, a summer fresh, tropical lush affair sure to leave your heart overjoyed. Dragonette’s Lonely Heart is out now on iTunes.