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May 24, 2018

Heads up, kids. A must listen new arrival just came out of the music woodwork but less than an hour ago, and it comes from none other than post-dubstep, electronic, and gospel-imbued soul troubadour James Blake. I’ve actually been wondering for awhile now when he’d unleash some new music on us. The UK singer songwriter and producer is responsible for one of the best shows I attended last year. I was there for one of his three sold out shows at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco and he was nothing short of magnificent, whether it was his solo ballads on piano, his dub heavy re-visits of older classics, or the immense catalog of new music he blessed us with that magical evening. This afternoon, he’s finally released a beautiful new song named Don’t Miss It via a lyric video of sorts. It’s a much pensive and reflective song, sparse and understated yet gorgeously mesmeric with its soft trickling beats, haunting keys, and soulful cooing. Don’t Miss It, which is a collaboration with Mount Kimbie’s Dom Maker, almost feels like a CocoRosie song mixed with James Blake’s downtempo gospel and electro-soul. 

May 16, 2018

Refs waxes poignantly reflective on gooey melting new tune, Roots, the latest fine single from a NYC based electronic pop duo we’ve been featuring for three prolific years. We indulge in the jazzy, snazzy, creamy, and buttery alongside Refs on their electro-soul styled track. All of a sudden, all I want to do is close my eyes and slow-waltz around the room to their satin crooning and the luxuriantly simmering song, of which Refs states: 

‘A side effect of love stories that never fully play out is a looming sense of “if-only”. Roots is about all the meandering semi-truths and ill-advised solutions we lean into and learn from, in the absence of that bloom.’ The tenderly heartrending, gently aching sonnet can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

March 28, 2018

The thought of teflon usually brings to mind something tough and resistant, hard and strong. Yet Cleveland’s Teflon Sega renders us a melted, liquefied mess every time he serenades us with one of his R&B soul ballads. Those feelings bubble to surface yet again as Teflon Sega melts us with his creamy, satiny cooing on new single Closure, a poignant lament of a dreamy electro and velvety R&B track featuring sonic magician YLXR on foggy atmospheric, dusky surreal production duty. Tragic romance and aching heartbreak take a hold of us as we dissolve into this pillowy, dreamy affair. While the closure we seek in life might always evade us, at least we can seek comfort in Teflon Sega and drift into the night feeling a little bit more complete. Closure is a free download, here.

February 16, 2018

I don’t really remember my Myers-Briggs Type, but I recall it fully reflected the fact that I’m an introvert who likes to do extrovert things every so often. As such, I’m no fan of small talk, but give me some cerebral, meaningful conversation and I could get passionate in an instant. Despite that fact, I find myself immediately falling for a new duo out of California named smalltalk, who describe themselves as “professional sad boys” from Los Angeles and San Francisco. They’ve also listed their names as Peter and Parker on Soundcloud, but they could be professing their love for Spiderman, too. Either way, smalltalk makes their mark on our hearts with their first single, ‘wait’, a slow churning alt pop and electro-soul ballad with soft horns, feathery keys, a muggy simmering atmosphere, and smooth molten cooing. ‘wait’ is a laid back suitor and a dreamy strolling debut that hugs the delicate furrows of our hearts with its achy yearning and tender longing. I suppose it’s more than proper that we now must wait to hear from smalltalk again. You can also stream ‘wait’ via Spotify, here.

February 9, 2018

Nilüfer Yanya blew our minds last year when the young London artist made a stunning debut on Small Crimes, a tender and atmospheric downtempo soul ballad that brought together a myriad of sounds we love from the likes of Daughter, Låpsley, Nina Simone, Jorja Smith, and Lianne La Havas. We immediately named her an artist to watch and she hasn’t disappointed since. Re-visit our feature of Small Crimes, here. This week, Nilüfer Yanya is back with a gently sashaying jazz-pop and R&B soul number named Thanks 4 Nothing. Her mellow and honeyed vocals dance weightlessly across the song’s delicate but fancy guitar curls. Thanks 4 Nothing is a soft and jazzy late night ballad, but it marches its way towards steadfast resolution, too. Watch Nilüfer Yanya’s music video for Thanks 4 Nothing below. The single is out now on Blue Flowers and ATO Records. Find it via major outlets, here.

February 9, 2018

We were so overjoyed at stumbling upon Jay Lewn earlier today that we knew, his music was a must share and right away, too. The singer songwriter and musician from London tenderizes our hearts with his dreamy silky cooing on his latest slow burning R&B soul jam, The_Night. He takes us on a twilight escapade with the chill sauntering ballad steeped in late night longing and lovesick introspection. The_Night looks to be Jay Lewn’s second single, and it comes on the heels of last month’s Nicotine_Clouds, also an exquisite gem with a more dub heavy atmosphere. The track kindles and sparks softly like a campfire on a dark pensive night. The smoke from the fire clings to our skin, following us around like Jay Lewn’s floaty vocals on the gossamer R&B soul and shadowy minimalist electronica song. It swirls its way into our hearts, leaving us haunted under its weighty embrace. Keep up with the outstanding new artist on Facebook, here.

January 13, 2018

Rhye’s sophomore full length BLOOD is expected to arrive on February 2nd, and it’s probably one of the most highly anticipated releases of this first quarter of the new year. We’ve already melted to songs like Taste and Count To Five, now the beloved Los Angeles based alt R&B and downtempo soul duo, consisting of Milosh and Robin Hannibal, have revealed a gorgeous new cut named Song For You via a lyric video. 

“‘Song for You’ was written for her. Listen to it in a way where it becomes your own,” shared RHYE frontman Milosh. “It holds a lot of emotion and occupies a special place both in my heart and as the heart of this new album.” Sigh your weekend away to this languorous wafting, sensual floating joint from the acclaimed duo. Purchase from iTunes, here. You can also pre-order BLOOD from iTunes, here.

December 12, 2017

Very little needs to be said when a new song surfaces from Rhye. We’re all much familiar with the Los Angeles based Canadian/Danish duo’s alt R&B,  chiffon funk, and downtempo soul. Milosh and Robin Hannibal are highly esteemed musicians, and anything they give us is gold, much less a plush grooving, sensuous wafting song Count To Five. The single even arrives with welcome news of a new Rhye album. Sophomore full length Blood is expected to arrive in a couple of months, and there’s no doubt that it’s going to be one of the most highly anticipated releases of early 2018. Count To Five is available now from iTunes, here.

December 12, 2017

London (by way of Bermuda) chanteuse Bassette first caught our attention with her husky soulful vocals on Joe Hertz’s Playing For You a year ago, though she’s been reeling fans in with her R&B soul for over two years. She alights back onto the scene with a luxurious single, fittingly named Bermuda, on which she reunites with Brixton producer Joe Hertz. Bermuda is a romantic escapade, a sanguine late night ballad that tastes like smoky coffee and feels like a warm island breeze. Listening to Bermuda is like falling in love on a balmy summer night. 

November 28, 2017

I happen to love wearing boots in the winter, and fortunately for me, I never seem to get lost in them. But I’m pretty sure that’s not what KWAYE is referring to with his new song, Lost in My Boots. It’s a metaphorical rather than literal elocution, presented with gooey, creamy, and soulful panache. KWAYE, as you might recall from our past features, is one of Mind Of A Genius’ more recent signings. He shares the limelight with an eclectic array of label mates like ZHU, Gallant, THEY., Klangstof, and more while cooing about his past relationships on his new molten aching R&B soul track. Much like the rest of Mind Of A Genius’ roster, KWAYE oozes talent and charm, and he’s already making waves with his music. Jam out to more of his music on Soundcloud, here.