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December 12, 2017

Very little needs to be said when a new song surfaces from Rhye. We’re all much familiar with the Los Angeles based Canadian/Danish duo’s alt R&B,  chiffon funk, and downtempo soul. Milosh and Robin Hannibal are highly esteemed musicians, and anything they give us is gold, much less a plush grooving, sensuous wafting song Count To Five. The single even arrives with welcome news of a new Rhye album. Sophomore full length Blood is expected to arrive in a couple of months, and there’s no doubt that it’s going to be one of the most highly anticipated releases of early 2018. Count To Five is available now from iTunes, here.

September 29, 2017

Lost I am, in the husky soulful vocals of MADDEE and the simmering late night vibes found on her new single. It seems to be MADDEE’s first appearance since she teamed up with Canadian producer Harrison on a couple of his singles a year ago. Lost is a jazzy, snazzy twilight R&B soul serenade dripping in classy sophistication. It’s like a more laid back and mellow Flight Facilities meets TOKiMONSTA chimera, crossed with the elegance of Jessie Ware, the chicness of Tom Misch, and the soulfulness of Yuna. The bewitching beauty is out on Beatnik Creative. 

August 8, 2017

We head back across the Pacific to the land of the Kiwis for a snazzy grooving jam from La Felix. The producer takes us to cloud nine with I Wanna Know, a sublime electronic confection that fuses chill disco with electro soul. Tell me you aren’t swinging your hips side to side to this one. Iridescent synths meld with plucky warbles and a sumptuous bass line, giving us a delectable French house banger reminiscent of a mellowed out Daft Punk jamming out with Tom Misch and HONNE. Snag this sexy heater from iTunes, here.

March 9, 2016

My heart literally seems to jump into my throat when the creamy vocals and seductive beats of this new version of Jean Tonique’s Guest, featuring Iris, woo me fully, leaving it very hard for me to breath. The Parisian producer offers up a heart touching edit of the funky house song, giving us a downtempo late night presentation fit for some divine lounging under those crisp and sensual bed sheets. This “alternate vision” is saturated with melodic guitars and much centered on Iris’ throbbing vocals.

February 25, 2016

Autograf has revealed a new track off their upcoming Future Soup EP, once again corroborating the Chicago trio’s versatile genius with Heartbeat. To utilize a pun, a reference to another Autograf gem, there’s a “metaphysical” quality to Heartbeat, its gauzy tranquility saturated by gentle drum work and featherweight vocals. Though peaceful and calm, there’s a soulful push and funk instilled pull to Heartbeat’s undercurrent that sends us teetering towards sublime catharsis. It’s as if Autograf had managed to grasp the very workings of my heart, melding their music with its life sustaining ticking and urgent throbbing. Autograf’s Future Soul EP drops on March 11th. Pre-order, here.

December 11, 2015

Two Another is a mysterious new act from London, who proves to be a smooth operator on debut single Higher. Whispery vocals hover with an ethereal weightlessness within the dusky pop slinker. Higher is a song with some 70′s Motown soul and a little essence of J Dilla alongside its silken Rhye seduction. Higher is a sensual and gossamer downtempo funk debut, one that leaves me ravenous for much more music from Two Another.

September 16, 2015

Channeling some soulful Frank Ocean comes Brighton crooner Louis Mattrs, whose new song Superman is a luxuriant seducer sure to woo many hearts. Throw a touch of Sampha and some mellow funk on top of that Ocean and what a smooth and soothing jam we have. Louis Mattrs will be releasing a new EP named Slow Waves later this year.