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April 26, 2018

Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler together on one exquisitely moving song. Really, need I say more? The world is by far “Better Off” now that the two East Coast singer songwriters and producers have united on the twilight ballad, a heart-string tugging, melancholic stirring lament about star-crossed lovers and calamitous love. Chelsea Cutler’s wispy, supple voice and Jeremy Zucker’s poignant crooning transfix us beautifully from a lush ethereal sonic pasture sown with tender guitar strums and softly chiseled, gently floating beats. A sad yet blissful sigh escapes the lips as the final notes of this impeccable tear-jerker fades away. Better Off is available from major outlets, here.

April 19, 2018

UK producer Luvian, who first won our hearts over over four years ago with his superb remixes, has unveiled a captivating video for his single Rooms, which features Amber on beautifully limber vocals. The airy plinking, supple cantering, and soulful stirring electronic song is the lead single from Luvian’s A Time & Place EP, out now via Ultra. Luvian’s new video is set across several picturesque landscapes. It focuses on the wistfulness of the sea, in contrast to the rebirth of decaying flowers. His new EP is a five-track production that showcases Luvian’s expansive sonic palette, replete with synthetic sounds, guitar riffs, and playful keys. You can find the EP, here.

April 12, 2018

Haulm’s six track EP Stay For Me has been out for a moment, but that in no way means we should let EP track Clean slip by. The Brooklyn based project, a collaboration between vocalist/composer JT Norton and electronic producer Reed Kackley (BAILE), entice and enchant with their chiffon vocals and an ethereal trickling, misty burbling soundscape on Clean. Their downtempo electronica and wispy light vocals remind me of Daniel Woolhouse’s early music as Deptford Goth, but embedded in a nebulous haunting, atmospheric skimming sonic environment akin to some of John Hopkins or even Bonobo’s more chill and ambient constructions. Haulm’s Stay For Me EP can be streamed in full on Soundcloud, here.

March 13, 2018

“Take your time” isn’t common advice when it comes to the hurried freneticism of most electronic tracks that we come across. Dance music is usually an urgent and demanding experience, with pounding beats and booming bass. But LA by way of Chicago producer Madnap slows things down for us on his new track, Take Your Time!, and we couldn’t be more than grateful. As they say, we need to stop and smell the flowers, and this is an aromatic and melodic saunter well worthy all the time in the world. Breath in Madnap’s slick synths, rumbling bass, and whimsical texture off his chill future beats composition. Take Your Time! is a meditative late night dalliance that leaves us soothed, refreshed, and relaxed. Stream/purchase the single, here.

March 2, 2018

San Francisco Bonobo fans (and there are so many of us here) are stoked they get to catch the esteemed and celebrated British producer throw down a DJ set this Saturday at The Midway. I’m guessing it’s more than likely that Simon Green will drop on his transcendental new collaboration with fellow Brit, George FitzGerald. When he does, the crowd is going to collectively melt to Outgrown’s beautifully spiraling, halcyon spinning ambient electronica, so gently saturated with soft garage beats. Outgrown is an emotionally stirring, delicately embroidered new taste from George FitzGerald’s highly anticipated full length, All That Must Be, out on March 9th. Pre-order the album, here.

March 2, 2018

It’s been a very long time coming, but Jeremy Malvin, better known as sonic maestro Chrome Sparks, has announced his debut full length album. I still remember when Chrome Sparks was a duo, so many years ago, but Jeremy Malvin has lead the charge as a solo producer on the Brooklyn project for quite some time now. Let’s turn down with Chrome Sparks new single, Still Think, a ambient electronica, chill hip hop, and jazzy succulent amalgam that leaves us in a blissful trance. Saccharine melodies, opalescent synths, and agile beats take us on a dreamy pining escapade across verdant soundscapes and through shadowy nooks. Chrome Sparks’ eponymous debut album will be out on Counter Records come April 13th. Chrome Sparks will also be kicking off a tour later this month that will take him across the states through end of April. He’ll be stopping at the Great American Music Hall here in San Francisco on April 11th. Stream/download Still Think, here.

February 23, 2018

Some of you may not have heard of Paris yet, but trust me, you’ll be hearing a whole lot of this name soon enough. He’s a swiftly rising artist from Los Angeles who’s already been tapped to go on tour with Post Malone, and his new single trap/hip hop single Reasons, produced by Taz Taylor, Nick Mira, and E-Trou Beats, is undeniably hooking and fresh. Reasons is coarse and gritty, but its electronic soundscape is also dreamily hypnagogic. You can find shades of tour mate Post Malone and fellow rising star Joji in the song. You can also stream Paris’ prior viral release Po’ed Up, produced by Marz, via Soundcloud, here.

February 15, 2018

Come Friday, we get our next full moon. And it’s a very special one, too. Friday’s waxed moon heralds the coming of a brand new lunar new year. And we get to gaze wistfully into its bright glow to the tune of Bad Moon, a beautifully ambling new track from indie electronic duo Ardency. Taken from their forthcoming EP, The Ones That Miss Me, it’s a deeply introspective, atmospheric drifting slice of refined electronica and downtempo pop that’ll make any moon seem more than magical. Bad Moon gusts gently and undulates softly, exuding a soft melancholy within its hypnotic tide of dreamy synths and reflective lyrics. Purchase/stream the single, here. Ardency’s forthcoming EP is described as a sincere representation of the duo’s background and inspiration as artists with its vintage synth-work, heartfelt musicality, and unique sound design. 

February 10, 2018

We’re a little late to this remix, but it’s a brilliantly crafted near metaphysical experience, and we’re utterly in love with the track. Too Much comes off of Australian band Tora’s debut album Take A Rest, which dropped last summer. It’s a soft rippling, mournful crackling electro-soul gem, and fellow Aussies Fortunes. have given the track a transcendental workover on their official edit. They give it a dusky garage vibe with their shuffling remix, a dreamy chill yet ever shifting masterpiece. It’s a bit like James Blake gone Four Tet or Burial, but with a more vibrant and soulful veneer. The remix is available from iTunes, here.

February 3, 2018

Just their name The Code seems to beckon some somber reverence and hushed esteem, it feels so serious and so defined, so esoteric and mysterious. The truth is, we really don’t know that much about the British duo, and they seem to go on long stints of silence, too. It’s been nearly a year since they’ve blessed us with their mixtape Blue Electronica. So I consider it a fortunate day when a new EP drops and we get to share a new song from the pair. Same People is a viscous swelling, buttery melting, and atmospheric shifting swathe of R&B soul and electronica. It’s like molten metal, creeping into our veins and coating the inner chambers of our hearts with its glitchy rolling synths and velveteen vocals. Same People is an overwhelmingly intoxicating listen. Its glitchy shudders are like aching trembles. It’s lifted from a new EP named Paramount, which you can dissolve into fully on Soundcloud, here. The dark murky journey is suitable for some late night solitude, with the lights turned down low.