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June 16, 2015

To be honest, it’s hard for me to count how many times I’ve seen Robert DeLong live by now, but he’s so incredibly riveting live each and every time, with his jaw dropping setup including mounds of equipment tangled together with cords weaving every which way, that I’ll never tire of seeing him. Robert’s a one man band, and those who haven’t seen him live yet are in for a spectacular surprise when they head to a Robert DeLong show for the first time. While I’m a huge fan of Robert’s debut dance album Just Movement from a couple years back, I’ve always enjoyed how much growth and versatility Robert’s shown on his recent new music. New song Don’t Wait Up, which comes with a “one man band” video to illustrate my above ramblings, delves into a new wave meets summery synthpop sound that definitely solidifies my wondrous enjoyment of his ever changing music. Don’t Wait Up exhibits more maturity and a fantastic ability to draw from influences past and present. Don’t Wait Up is from Robert DeLong’s sophomore album In The Cards, out September 18th on Glassnote Records.