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August 15, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 08.12.2016 – 08.14.2016

Featured music – August 12-14, 2016

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August 15, 2016

As usual, some fabulous releases dropped on new music Friday, and a personal favorite of mine is Dog Orchestra’s debut EP. Not only is the six track album a collection of dark haunting and sinuous spellbinding treats, but it also boasts an epic title, Meow. The Stockholm and Berlin based duo give us some of the most deliciously brooding and ghostly riveting music of the moment in Meow, and I can’t get enough of it, being such a huge fan of darkwave myself. Meow even features Dog Orchestra’s Broke twice by closing with an extended version of the gauzy coiling electronic pop piece. This long form of the droopy infectious song can be streamed above, but I highly recommend you check out Dog Orchestra’s Meow EP in full on Soundcloud. The EP captures the struggles and anxieties of young adulthood in five musical vignettes. Meow is available now from iTunes.

July 27, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 07.24.2016

Featured music – July 24th, 2016

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July 25, 2016

My dark twisted heart can’t help but be drawn into the gloomy morose, sad bewitching world of Dog Orchestra all over again as the Swedish duo serenades us with new song Broke. They’re more ghostly than ever on the slow coiling electropop number, which carries some of the ominous synthcore allure of that Stranger Things theme song I’ve been obsessing over lately. Along these lines, Dog Orchestra’s Broke also evokes TR/ST, Johnny Jewel, Disasterpeace, and so many other darkwave music projects I love. Broke is the latest reveal from Dog Orchestra’s upcoming EP. 

June 10, 2016

Mysterious collective Dog Orchestra follows up on their wispy entrancing debut CLUB Fragil with intoxicating dark Hotel. They continue to spellbind me with their ghostly drifting sound on the slow swirling concoction. To say the electronic pop song is haunting is an understatement. Its droopy viscous ambiance and ominous pulsing beats emit sublime dread. My twisted heart disappears blissfully into Dog Orchestra’s inky black world. Dog Orchestra’s Matt Berninger like baritone vocals are enveloped in a TR/ST meets Johnny Jewel like heavy atmosphere. This is a “hotel” for lost souls and broken hearts. I gladly check myself in.

June 1, 2016

Mixtape: Danger Village – No Guest List Required

In the daily search for fantastic music to share on IHM, we’ve been lucky enough to meet and talk to a myriad of amazing people in the industry. Danger Village, as it turns out, has become one of my favorite PR firms, though we don’t play on “favorites” when it comes to picking music to share. It just so happens that Danger Village has a marvelous roster, off which comes some emerging and sure to be huge acts I fervently adore, such as Bishop Briggs, Lewis Del Mar, The Wild Wild, and so many more.

Today, IHM is proud to bring you Danger Village’s monthly No Guest List Required mixtape. Many of the artists/bands on this mix have been recipients of much profuse praise on IHM, and some of these are making their first appearance here. Danger Village has put together a wonderful list of aural delights. Hit the play button above and read more about these songs and artists below. You won’t want to miss Danger Village’s interview with Lewis Del Mar below, too.


I’m so happy to be bringing you the third rendition of our No Guestlist Required playlist series.  We kick it off with Lewis Del Mar, an artist I worked with last summer that has seen an astronomical rise in success over the past year.
Our playlist this month is a combination of upbeat rock sounds with beautiful synth magic. Dog Orchestra and marstal:lidell bring us vulnerable Scandinavian sounds, while Marcus Alan Ward and HUNNY bring up the energy with some brashly outgoing emotive music.  Every song on this playlist is a gem, and I think you’re going to love it.

1. Lewis Del Mar – “Loud(y)”
With its bone-rattling bass, naked acoustic guitar chords and unpredictable twists and turns, “Loud(y)” is the track that thrust Lewis Del Mar into the limelight, amassing over 450,000 plays on Soundcloud and starting a string of juggernaut singles leading into their debut EP.

2. HUNNY – “Vowels
Thrilling from start to finish with a soaring chorus and unforgettable hooks, “Vowels” is a masterclass in indie pop excellence, further solidifyingHUNNY as a must-watch act in the genre.

3. marstal:lidell – “All Shattered Pieces
A collaboration between Danish producers Anna Lidell and Henrik Marstal, “All Shattered Pieces” is a beautifully minimal track, allowing Lidell’s airy soprano shine in the forefront.

4. Holy Vision – “Wait”
Bursting with insatiable energy, “Wait” is a glorious blend of infectious hooks, shoegaze’s atmospherics and pop-punk song structure.

5. Deep Dark Blue – “Atoms
“Atoms” is an enchanting slowburn this new LA duo. Lithe, falsetto vocals traverse an ethereal soundscape of synths, gorgeously building to a stunning post-rock influenced climax.

6.  Elwell –  "Let The Rain Come In
This new track from Minneapolis’ Elwell is beautifully forlorn, beginning with hushed vocals before becoming increasingly discordant and mirroring the feelings of desolation.

7. Marcus Alan Ward – ”Little Sunshine
Beginning with a stirring howl, Marcus’ dynamic vocals navigate smoky, neo-soul production filled quavering synths and funky guitar chords.

8. Dog Orchestra – ”CLUB Fragil
Beginning like a intimate confession to a potential lover, the lyrics "But if you touch me I’ll break” repeat as thunderous drums and shimmering synths come in, adding gravitas to the admission of inner turmoil.

9. Great American Canyon Band – “Only You Remain
Taking the vast cinematic soundscapes of dream pop and marrying it with the unwavering spirit of Americana and psychedelia, the song is an anthemic rallying cry for Great American Canyon Band’s Kris and Paul Masson, who came to terms with the personal loss of loved ones succumbing to illness and the inevitable toll of saying goodbye.

10. Welshly Arms – “Legendary
Expanding on the blueprint laid by fellow Midwesterners The Black Keys and Jack White, Welshly Arms take their fiery blend of blues and garage rock and imbue it with modern sensibilities to create an unflappable anthem of self-empowerment.

When I started working with Lewis Del Mar, no one had heard of them yet- they didn’t even have a Facebook page! As soon as I heard them, I knew they would be successful.  They’re also two of the nicest people I’ve had the opportunity to work with and I appreciate them taking the time on their current U.K. tour to answer these questions.

1. You have had an astronomical year so far! When you think of yourselves and where you were last June, could you have foreseen everything that has happened and where you are now?

The simple answer is, no.  We’ve always had confidence in the work we create together, but the rate at which the project has grown is extremely humbling.  We released the songs on Soundcloud last June out of mere necessity.  We’d lived with the tracks for so long in privacy that it reached a point where we couldn’t grow any further without some form of feedback.  That was the solitary goal.  To garner a general opinion so that we could continue refining the sound.  We were fortunate that the results far exceeded our expectations.  

2.  Were you surprised by the sudden and strong positive reactions to your music, and would you have done anything differently if you had know how quickly it would take off?

We were a bit caught off guard.  We wrote and recorded all the songs in our bedroom, so there was always this idea that maybe we still had one more step to go to reach the final product.  But, the two of us have been making music together for years, and there was a cohesion that came through in the recordings that is hard to define. We’d been playing in bands together since we were twelve, touring all over the country in a station wagon.  When the opportunity finally proved itself we felt prepared, and I think that’s as much as you can hope for.  In that sense, we wouldn’t have done anything differently.

3.  What do you have coming up that you are most looking forward to, and where do you see yourself?

We’re putting the finishing touches on our debut LP.  The album’s consumed our lives since before we put those first tracks online and we’re looking forward to putting it out into the world this fall.  There’s a lot of traveling on the horizon for the summer, and some festival spots at Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, and a couple others.  Being part of the community of musicians that get the opportunity to tour the country and play festivals like those was all we aspired to as kids jamming in each other’s basements.  We’re excited for all of it.

May 13, 2016

It’s mystery time as we dive into a debut song from an anonymous new collective named Dog Orchestra. Though they list their location on Soundcloud as “Good Time City”, it’s apparent from their Twitter that they’re Berlin natives based out of Sweden. The wispy gentle feels on Dog Orchestra’s first song, CLUB Fragil, featuring rhapsodic vocals by Lune, leave my brittle heart in broken shards. The downtempo electronic pop song is a dusky lullaby, its dreamy ambiance and twinkling mist unfurling around a core of fragile vulnerability. That very same exposed tenderness reminds me of Soak’s intimate and stark music, but drifting in an ocean of weightless lilting electronica. The enigmatic newcomers’ glittery gem can be downloaded from its Soundcloud page.