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OFFICIAL VID: Rise Against – Ballad of Hollis Brown

February 17, 2012

New Rise Against! And it’s a great one! They did an incredible cover of Dylan’s Ballad of Hollis Brown with a very well made documentary video to go with. The rocking, raw cover is a stark reminder of the harsh lives many people lead to making a living and get by in the US. The track is for charity for Amnesty International, and it’s on the four disc Chimes For Freedom charity album which features an endless array of talented musicians covering Dylan.

One Of My Kind

February 1, 2012

This is pretty cool. There’s some sort of unintentional documentary and album about Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band releasing in early May. Check it out here.

Team Love is proud to release the final version of the film, “One of My Kind.” To accompany this, we are including eleven songs compiled from the outtakes of both Mystic Valley Band sessions. We use the phrase, for the fans, because that is what this project is; a release for those that were lucky enough to experience the magic and excitement of the Mystic Valley Band when their jackets were still clean and their chemistry was bursting with ideas and potential.

about the film:

Philip Schaffart was not hired by Conor Oberst to make the film “One of My Kind.” He was hired to make sure the guitars stayed in tune. But Phil had a video camera with him as the Mystic Valley Band came together for the first time at Valle Místico in Tepoztlán, Mexico in January of 2008 and so he started filming what he sensed was something special.

“When I started filming, none of us had the intentions of turning what was being shot into a film,” says Phil, “but the things we were seeing, feeling and capturing with the music proved to be inspiring in ways we were not prepared for.” Later that year after touring for the Conor’s self-titled Merge release the Mystic Valley Band went back into the studio, this time at the Sonic Ranch outside of El Paso, Texas where they recorded their follow-up release, “Outer South.”

This album was a reflection of what the MVB had become over the preceding 10 months. Now, the song writing was no longer Conor’s sole responsibility as the other members of the band all spread their own musical and compositional wings. All the while, Phil continued to film what was going on with the band, capturing the year of touring, the almond orchards in Texas, the temples and steep cliffs of Mexico and the evolution of a group of musicians that started as not much more than an idea for a different way to make a record, and ended up being a fully realized rock band.

“Something was happening between the six members of the band musically that was effortless and natural in a way I had not seen before;” Phil continues: “In Texas we started thinking that the footage could be turned into a documentary film.” Phil returned to Omaha later and enlisted the help of the H Minus Production team and after many grueling hours in the edit suite, a film was born.

Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band – One of My Kind (trailer) from Ravenhouse LTD. on Vimeo.

Shut Up And Play The Hits

January 11, 2012

As the Sundance Film Festival buzz rises, so does the popularity of music and band documentaries this past year. How many such films have been released, both in regards to bands past and present? How many are directed by famous, well accomplished directors? Shut Up And Play The Hits is one of the latest such documentaries to hit the film festival circuit. The film follows LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy through the act’s final days and end-all show at the Madison Square Garden in New York City. Go to Entertainment Weekly to check out the trailer. It looks pretty darn good. I don’t often watch concert or documentary films regarding bands and music, but lately I’m on the road to being well convinced the worthiness of doing so. And LCD Soundsystem is definitely well deserved of an epic biography. Again, the link to watch the trailer is:

Official synopsis of the documentary:

With the release of their debut album in 2005, New York City’s LCD Soundsystem changed the face of dance music, combining equal parts punk, soul, and disco. Their devoted fan base steadily grew, bolstered by Grammy nominations and recognition as one of the best live bands in the world. In early 2011, touring to support their first Billboard Top 10 debut, LCD Soundsystem announced its largest gig to date—Madison Square Garden—and that the concert would be their last ever.

With fly-on-the-wall access, Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace’s concert film captures the final 48 hours of a band in complete control of its destiny. Packed with high-energy farewell performances, narrated by a frank conversation on success and rock stardom between bandleader James Murphy and writer Chuck Klosterman, SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS proves that if you’re hearing about LCD Soundsystem just now, you’ve already missed the party.

UPDATE: Here’s the freshly uploaded youtube version of the trailer:

Grouplove documentary. Already.

October 13, 2011

Wow. There’s already a documentary about how Grouplove came to be and how they cut their first album. Part 1 is already on IFC’s website. The doc is titled Bloom. Here’s part 1/3. Meteoric rise? This reminds me, I think I’ve yet to obtain their new album, only have an EP.

“Director Jordan Bahat created a mini documentary called "Bloom,” about the making of the album, which we’ll be premiering in three parts. In this first part, the band talks about their beginnings, rooted in the night that Hannah Hooper met Christian Zucconi at a show in New York.“

I do miss me some Phoenix…

October 10, 2011


Here’s the trailer for a documentary that has been in the works about French band Phoenix. The doc shows footage during their 2009 tour for the album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (what a goooood album). No US release set yet for the doc but it’s airing in Europe pretty soon, later this week or so. This is like a tiny little teaser… now I’m craving to listen to some Phoenix and hope they have some good new material in the works! For those that only know of them due to the highly popular songs 1901 and Lizstomania, please go back and listen to their older material, ie. Run, Run, Run (one of my older Phoenix faves).

From a Mess to the Masses – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix from Voluume on Vimeo.

Newly discovered 1992 Smiths documentary

August 18, 2011

Wow, haven’t watched the whole thing yet but this is awesome. Apparently, it just surfaced from whatever secretive little cubby hole it was hidden in for so many years. A fitting little tribute and retro moment to the great Smiths this morning. Oh how I love your voice, Morrissey.