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May 22, 2018

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this next one is an epic track, even if you haven’t listened to it yet. After all, it brings together the talented expertise of Seattle dubstep/electro prodigy Seven Lions, Austin luminaries Tritonal, and NYC dubstep/electro connoisseurs Kill The Noise, AND it features breathtaking vocals by LA chanteuse HALIENE, too! We find ourselves racing our way towards a beautiful “horizon” on the plumed wings of this majestic and grand opus. Mellifluous yet heavy, smooth rolling yet resolute, this four way collaboration fuses electro house, dubstep, pop, future bass, and even drum & bass to give us a cornucopia of scintillating feels. Horizon can also be streamed and purchased, here.

April 20, 2018

Nevermind that BRUNSWICK is but 19 years old, this Londoner’s talent obviously outshines his years. He’s described by some as a new breed of performer, a writer & producer who makes totally immersive hybrid music, with roots placed in many music sub-cultures. ‘nevermine’, his explosive new single, showcases that eclectic personage with its “Rhythm & Grunge”, an exhilarating and gritty combination of alt rock, electro, and drum & bass. The song is about momentarily falling in love with someone that was never going to be yours to begin with. “It’s about hoping for something that will never come, and watching it all fall apart in front of your eyes.” In otherwords, it’s an anthem of desperation, crafted with riveting finesse. Perhaps “rhythm & grunge” is an extension of what some have coined “post-EDM” lately, but it’s most certainly a unique and striking new sound that we can’t put down. Follow along with BRUNSWICK’s releases on Soundcloud, here.

April 13, 2018

Illustrious musician Annie Clark, better known to the world as brilliant artist St. Vincent, put out one of my favorite art pop albums of 2017 in critically acclaimed Masseduction. While the record seemed to diverge from some of her gnarled guitar tracks of yore, it was a genius concept with incredible songs. Album single New York is undoubtedly a crowd favorite, a sing-along ready, melancholia steeped beauty. We love it too. And we can’t help but love this remix of the song by Los Angeles duo DJDS. I can’t imagine it’s an easy song to remix, but they’ve expertly crafted a drum & bass plus breakbeats inflected version of New York that gives the original some extra urgency and a darker aura. The official DJDJS version of New York is available at iTunes, here.

March 22, 2018

We are much indebted to music pal with fine music tastes for this new project on our radar. FETES is Cristian Campano, a singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Sydney also known for his role as the frontman of garage punk band Food Court. His single Waiting For You thrills and inebriates with a bushy blend of mellifluous psych pop and snaggle-toothed rock. It’s a high caliber song that reminds me how much I’m missing the Smith Westerns and Cullen Omori’s solo project. Waiting For You is also adorned with chunky, surfy sections much reminiscent of The Drums, as well as a unique drum and bass roll. 

“From years of loving Drum and Bass, I’ve always wanted to incorporate the fast break beats and heavy bass into my music,” Campano explains. “’Waiting For You’ was calling out for an exciting drum sound so once we injected the Drum and Bass, there was no turning back.” A video will be arriving shortly for FETES’ Waiting For You. Keep up with the artist on Facebook, here.

February 21, 2018

Influential British dubstep and drum & bass duo Delta Heavy had a heavy hand in the development of my electronic music tastes. As such, I’m thrilled that the pair have dropped a heavy hitting new jam on Monstercat named I Need You that reminds me of their their earlier tracks. In particular, its laser cut synths, its mechanical vehemence, and its robust bass wobbles evoke Hold Me, which I still love to this day. I Need You is like a classic Delta Heavy track, and it’s as adrenaline pumping a tune as can be. You can find it on all major platforms, here.

January 5, 2018

When the “lights go down”, there’s really only one thing to do. Put this monolith collaboration on blast and get down and dirty to its gritty eruption of filthy bass! Towering production luminaries Zeds Dead and JAUZ have teamed up on glorious Lights Go Down, a bass snarling, beat thundering adventure that melds dubstep with drum & bass into one brain melting, body jolting experience. Lights Go Down can be streamed or purchased via major outlets, here.

December 24, 2017

I know the holiday weekend is kicking off to a great start, but it’s only going to get better. Christmas is on Monday, and while we wait to open our presents, we can dance it up to this magnificent new electronic banger from NY production project Truth x Lies. The duo link up with singer songwriter and producer Jake Herring on Controlled, a sleek pumping, percussive shuffling deep house extravaganza. Controlled’s drum and bass rolls and elastic future house adornment adds much dimension to this thrilling track. Stream/download the song, here.

December 12, 2017

STITCH is a new band out of London who are stitching together some superb alt pop in the month or so since they’ve segued from offering remixes to originals. The trio of friends, who originally met at university, transfixes us with their second single, Not One To Say, a grand cinematic, atmospheric riveting anthem whose dark gothic introduction builds into a brass-backed, drum & bass inflected sprawling soundscape. It’s the follow up to their gorgeously billowing debut, Fool, which can be streamed, here

STITCH says of their new single: “Not One To Say is a nostalgic self-reflection of the past. It deals with feeling lost, spaced out in a dream-like state, and trying to comprehend loss and your part to play in it. The song highlights how the repression of words and emotions, internalising rather than expressing your feelings to others can lead to a different, perhaps less clear path than you expected. It looks back with both a warm embrace of the good times, but also a wistful sense of longing for who you were before life began to change.” STITCH has already recorded a debut EP, which we’re looking forward to hearing. They’ve already successfully transferred their sound to the stage, too, having performed to packed crowds back home in the UK. 

November 22, 2017

I don’t know if you’ve heard Plan B’s Heartbeat yet, but I highly suggest you don’t pass up the chance to do so now that we’ve finally found a moment to share the behemoth song on IHM. The celebrated UK veteran plans on releasing his new album Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose on April 13th. Heartbeat is a rambunctious taste off the release, with soulful vocals and a lavish drum and bass roll. Heartbeat is a bonafide anthem, a powerful and infectious ballad which is available, here. Pre-order Plan B’s new album, here.

November 2, 2017

Swedish songcrafter and producer MagnusTheMagnus spruces up our night with plenty of fiery sass and bubbly dancehall imbued breaks & drums on Calling, a frisky fun track featuring fantastic vocals by KIDDO. With all the usual future bass and melodic bass fare we tend to come across, Calling is a breath of fresh air. It’s also whimsically infectious and piquant zestful. Grab MagnusTheMagnus’ Calling, here.