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May 9, 2017

If it’s some mean streets I have to walk today, it’s some Pleasure Curses that I’ll want to take with me on that risky traipse. The Portland based indie dance duo would put an assured spring in my step and plenty of swagger in my strut with their glitzy disco meets steamy chillwave piece, Mean Streets. The sexy dashing throwback single is lifted from the pair’s Screens EP, set to be released May 16th via Prince George Records. It doesn’t matter if the streets are nice, mean, or unpredictably insane outside the door. You’ll want to sashay and shimmy your way across the asphalt with your smoothest moves to this succulent tune. 

April 28, 2017

I can’t get enough of the new Phoenix since it dropped yesterday. It’s literally left me smiling for hours on end. The French rock heroes are more lustrously vibrant than ever on J-Boy, a new wavey, italo disco-y, hyper jubilant, feverish glinting spectacular. It sparkles and twinkles, shimmers and swirls, twirling us around within its whirlpool of dizzying euphoria. J-Boy brings to mind some of M83′s tunes off recent album Junk. As it turns out, the long time, much loved French house purveyors have described their forthcoming album Ti Amo as being related to “summer and Italian discos”, so the M83 Junk comparison isn’t too far off the mark. A summer of effulgent italowave and retro disco sounds more than splendid to me. Ti Amo arrives on June 9th. 

April 11, 2017

Aside from his role as guitarist in Death Cab For Cutie, Portland’s Dave Depper is also well versed in electronica and pop. This is more than apparent on his kaleidoscopic new single, “Do You Want Love?”, the lead single from his debut solo album Emotional Freedom Technique. Funky bass and shimmering synths endow this groovy sleek, resplendent spiraling gem. It’s dance ready intoxication to the nines on Dave Depper’s lavish swaying concoction. Emotional Freedom Technique is due to arrive on June 9th via Tender Loving Empire. Pre-order, here.

March 22, 2017

Last Friday, while I was traipsing around Austin for SXSW, Miami Horror dropped their brand new EP, The Shapes, an album which the Australian band describes as an 80′s inspired conceptual project and a “sonic/art experience” on which they delve into rhythm and percussion with influences ranging from the art pop and lyrical wit of Talking Heads to Caribbean funk and African beats. An exhilarating listen through the EP’s five tracks fully backs that description. For a disco twirling experience, get down to the EP’s closing track, Dark Love, which features new wavey vocals by Danny Pratt. This boogie ready dazzler is like Cut Copy and Friendly Fires gone 80′s Talking Heads with a warm summery groove. Make sure you visit The Shapes in full which you can stream over on Soundcloud. Don’t forget to bring your flashiest dancing shoes. The EP can be purchased from iTunes, here. Alternate stream of Dark Love via Soundcloud can be found below.

August 9, 2016

I was so taken by Promises Ltd.’s debut song Days Of Lavender a month ago that I giddily shared it with endless excitement on my own personal social media. Not only is it music to my ears that Chrome Sparks’ Jeremy Malvin and Miniature Tigers’ Charlie Brand have united to launch a new project, but they’ve proven themselves a dynamic duo with that florescent psychedelic single, which went on to hit the top 10 on Spotify’s Viral 50 Chart. The duo prove more than fruitful on their second song, American Eyes, a mellifluous lilting indietronica taste from their forthcoming self titled debut EP. Promises Ltd. goes fleecy dreamy on the airy, cottony delight as they blend chill disco with analog synthwave. Promises Ltd.’s debut EP will be out August 26th via Majestic Casual. Pre-order, here.