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July 14, 2016

Today’s an epic day. And I believe many of you might already know why. Today, Justice revealed their first new single in five long years. We’ve been waiting. We’ve been waiting what feels like an eternity. And it was well worth the fidgeting, the hoping, the restlessness. Safe And Sound, which the world had a preview of when Ed Banger’s Pedro Winter (Busy P) dropped the track during his set at Sonar, is completely and wholly glorious. Safe And Sound is an electro disco house opera, an intensive retro funk and chorale levitating spectacular. I want to hold my hands up to the sky and sing spiritual praises to Justice. Nile Rodgers would also be very satisfied with the plucky strings on this jam. Could Safe And Sound be the first first material in a flurry of new tunes? Could there be a new Justice album on its way, and a new tour? Patience, my friends. Patience. Download Safe And Sound, here: