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September 18, 2017

I highly doubt anyone can “sleep” once the adrenaline floodgates have been swung wide open by this regal trumpeting, sharp serrated, & acute jarring number from Los Angeles’ Rickyxsan and Sydney’s Hydraulix. Sleep is a gritty trap & bass bonanza and a brain jostling, frenetic bristling anthem. Metallic tingles and saw-toothed shards dig themselves deep into our subconscious. Once we finally do sleep, the dreams we dream will be spectacular and vivid. You can snag the invigorating thriller, here.

July 25, 2017

I’m sure you all remember Natalia Kill’s wicked hit Zombie from 2011, right? I mean, it’s a sick tune, and there really aren’t many songs about loving a Zombie (whether you want to take it figuratively or literally). AGLORY, a Parisian production duo who’s fresh on our radar, affords us a re-visit of the song with their total rework of song. Tell me this these breakdowns, that dirty bass, and those booming beats aren’t ravishing. Turn it up with some good speakers or headphones and you’ll feel this buzzing, sawing, and whirring track move right through the whole of your being. Industrial meets tech house and gritty grime meets electro on this gripping adaptation. Check out more of these French visionaries’ music on Soundcloud, here.

April 18, 2017

Be careful not to trip over yourself in dizzied excitement like I did when I first caught wind of this astronomic collaboration. It’s a legendary Southern California affair as NGHTMRE and Ghastly come together for staggering thrills on walloping new Mad Decent track, End Of The Night. Carnal jolting drops, laser cut synths, and dirty whomping bass make End Of The Night a true decent into exhilarating madness. It’s a spine tingling, adrenaline pumping smorgasbord of trap and bass, dubstep and house. NGHTMRE and Ghastly’s jam may be named End Of The Night, but there’s no way you can call it a night after this high octane joy ride. Purchase the hard hitting banger from major outlets, here.

August 24, 2016

Prepare yourself for an intensive experience as Austin based producer Tim Gunter takes us for a dark smoldering, ominous brooding ride with his spectacular remix of XYLØ’s Afterlife. The quivering future bass and rattling trap edit gives already dusky somber XYLØ a ferocity and grimy edge previously unheard. Tim Gunter wanted to keep the integrity of the original after XYLØ reached out to him for a remix, but make it more energetic during the drop. His Afterlife remix is a free download, here.

February 10, 2016

I’ve been such a huge fan of Australian producer Motez ever since I encountered his brilliant remix of my favorite Flight Facilities song, Claire de Lune, several years ago. To date, it’s still one of my top favorite remixes. Motez takes a dark and blistering turn on a spectacular new original named Down Like This, an explosion of pure fire featuring rap vocals by Australia’s fast rising hip hop sensation, Tkay Maidza. Her biting delivery is the perfect match for Motez’s warbling, dirty bass popping spectacular. Down Like This is an electrifying jolt, and it leaves me wired and ready for the producer’s forthcoming EP. Down Like This will be available to purchase on February 19th via Sweat It Out!.

August 5, 2015

Los Angeles’ Ghastly is known to bring some crazy, bombastic bass on his earth shaking music, and he delivers in spades on explosively wild new track Lil Trick. It’s a filthy, dirty, gratifying bass house banger that hyper bounces with infinite vigor. Future house, G-house, and a twisted, frisky funk join in on the dizzying party. The frenetic track is a free download, here.

May 21, 2015

It’s only proper to say that I have a banger for you in this one, considering it’s a, well, banging remix of Disclosure’s Bang That. Some folks were surprised at how dirty Disclosure’s latest wicked tune is, but those of us who love it filthy were thanking the sweet music gods for this amazing track. Los Angeles based production trio Bring The Noise gives Bang That a hypnotizing, exhilarating future house edit that retains the original’s gritty coarseness, but accompanied by a funkier groove and those jagged, sharp edges that I love so dearly about future house. Try to survive sitting still to this one, just try. Snag the remix for free on Toneden.

May 15, 2015

The moment I heard Australian producer Motez’s incredible remix of Flight Facilities’ Clair de Lune a few years ago, I became a fan, and that love is rekindled yet again on his new original, Tryna Shake It. The track, off his upcoming Vancouver EP, is a deliciously entrancing dance jam shrouded in shadowy, dirty production and a futuristic atmosphere. 

May 7, 2015

While Lean On gives it a competitive run for the money, my all time favorite Major Lazer tune is still the Amber Coffman featuring Get Free. There’s just something so incredibly enchanting about the Dirty Projectors member’s magical, captivating voice, paired with Major Lazer’s restrained reggae fusion production on the track. New York’s PAIGE brings me back to the song with a remix that raises the tempo and energy level of the original ten fold, and I find that I really dig a Get Free that’s much more spirited, too. PAIGE’s Get Free is a blend of future house, deep house, and tech house. He holds nothing back on its hypnotically dark and filthy moments, which are glorious.

May 2, 2015

I’m guessing that many of you already checked this one out in the 7 hours it’s been unleashed, because this has got to be the biggest news of the day for electronic music lovers of all kinds. Bang That is the very first song Disclosure’s offered up in two long years (not counting a collaboration). Yes, that’s right, first new tune since their 2013 album Settle, which, by all accounts, was one of the best albums that year across all genres, and I’d say, a game changer of epic proportions. I was afraid before I clicked the play button that the bar I’ve set so high up in the clouds when it comes to Disclosure’s music would cause me to be disappointed, but Bang That is banging. And it’s dirty. So dirty. So deliciously, unabashedly filthy. The fellas utilize a sample from 313 Bass Mechanic’s Pass Out for the hard hitting, primal club banger. They’ve also announced that they’re working on their next album. Rejoice!