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May 22, 2018

Diplo and MØ have proven themselves a match made in heaven countless times over the years. Whether it was some of the songs on the Danish pop sensation’s debut album, or her collaborations with Major Lazer, or even earlier this year’s Blender, the production luminary’s style of balmy and buoyant electronica has befit MØ‘s spunky pop to the tee. The pair reunited again earlier this month on Stay Open, a summer verdant, mischievous sparring anthem as bright and contagious as any other track the two have put forth together. Stay Open is out now on Mad Decent. Stream/download, here.

December 24, 2017

We were utterly stoked when Diplo and MØ reunited last month on Get It Right, lifted from the soundtrack for Diplo’s documentary Give Me Future. The bluesy sprawling electronic track has since spawned some fabulous remixes, including this aerated trap cover edit by Italian producer BLENDER. We’re engulfed into a vast and wondrous, vivacious and playful soundscape by BLENDER’s resounding chords and staccato beats on this invigorating edit, on which he even lays down fresh captivating vocals. BLENDER more than “gets it right” with this bright and airy future trap remix, which is a free download, here.

November 22, 2017

MØ and Diplo have been partners in crime for many a year in the music scene. Some of our favorite early songs from the Danish pop sensation were produced by Diplo, so we’re overjoyed that the pair have re-united on new single Get It Right, which is from the soundtrack for Diplo’s new documentary, Give Me Future. Bluesy keys and a vast sprawling, anthemic sweeping aura emanates from this massive electronic collaboration. Ultimately, there’s no mistaking Get It Right for anything but  and Diplo. New film Give Me Future documents Major Lazer’s show in Cuba last year. Watch on Apple Music, here. Its soundtrack is available from iTunes, here.

February 5, 2017

Last Friday, an absolutely ridiculous remix package was unleashed for Zeds Dead and Diplo’s massive tune, Blame, a hit single which blends electropop, future bass, and dubstep then tops it off with Elliphant’s spunky magnetic voice. The five track EP features edits by the likes of Gorgon City, Nebbra, Dirtyphonics, and Michael Sparks. It also features a colossal remix by rising LA project Champagne Drip, an electronic act I touted as a fast new favorite when debut EP Of Course I Still Loved You dropped last month. Prepare for an experience as effervescent beautiful as it is gut punching exhilarating as Champagne Drip douses Blame with a trap and melodic dubstep flurry of wavy trills and wobbly chops. You can download this remix and the rest of the Blame remixes from iTunes, here.

January 18, 2017

It’s hump day, we’re halfway through the work week, and we only have a couple more days to go before it’s the weekend again. For that extra dose of whomp whomp energy to make it through, we turn to Diplo and Autoerotique. The Grammy winning producer and the Toronto bass house outfit deliver some twerk ready twitchy combobulation on Waist Line, a purely wicked electronic banger. The song’s video involves some sick hula hoop moves, too. Snag this fiery fierce jam, here.

December 8, 2016

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December 8, 2016

Every time I’m reminded of Danish pop sensation MØ’s great success, I find myself flying high over the moon with joy yet again. IHM has been such a devoted fan of hers for so many years, and she’s still one of my favorite musicians after all that time. MØ’s latest hit single, Final Song, has received a behemoth remix treatment from good pal Diplo and his fellow production bigwig Jauz. This supernova partnership of heavy hitters results in a surprisingly misty and brisk Final Song. I find myself transported to the tropics by Diplo and Jauz’s creative Balearic house makeover. 

July 16, 2016

An astounding trifecta of talent brings us what is sure to be one of the electronic anthems of this ongoing summer. Canadian duo Zeds Dead teamed up with Diplo on wildly infectious Blame, which features long time IHM favorite Scandipop artist Elliphant on spunky magnetic vocals. Blame is a mellifluous cross between electronic pop, future bass, and dubstep. The monster of a regal sweeping single is available from various outlets, here. I have a feeling some tremendous remixes will be coming our way soon. I can’t wait to hear them all.

February 23, 2016

The classy 90′s R&B and soul on Diplo & Sleepy Tom’s hit single Be Right There are drawn into a world of luscious future bass on this remix by Unlike Pluto. The Los Angeles based producer delivers a re-imagining of Be Right There full of frisky bounce doused in jazzy chic luxuriance. This is a warm and brassy Be Right There full of molten passion and arresting energy. There’s no “walking away” from this one, I’d wait an eternity for someone to “be right there” when I get to listen to Unlike Pluto’s remix.

February 17, 2016

After a really long and busy day, what’s the best way to unwind? Some ridiculously good trap, duh! Australia’s Empia shoots me to the moon with his trap elixir, a wicked edit of Troyboy and Diplo’s Afterhours. Feel that stress melt away and the weight vanish from your shoulders as electricity crackles through the air and you dance among the stars all night long. The remix’s rumbling bass quiver through your body and its high energy pounds away, like fire pulsing in your veins. I live for the night, and Empia has made it more than worthwhile. Download the track for free, here.