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February 20, 2018

The sheer amount of renowned talent involved in this next magnificent track is astounding, to say the least. But the fact that I Can’t Hold On involves a huge list of big league artists and producers including GTA, Dillon Francis, Wax Motif, and Anna Lunoe doesn’t muddle up the track at all. A symbiotic relationship seems to exist between the four projects on this dance floor thriller, a four-to-the-floor deep house and R&B dance banger with tart and fierce vocals. The track comes from GTA’s new four track EP, ‘Death To Genres, Vol. 3′ which explores a wide array of club ready sounds. Jam out to the EP, out now on Mad Decent, here.

July 25, 2017

I was absolutely stoked when Duke Dumont partnered up with Gorgon City a few weeks ago to drop smash summer hit Real Life. Not only is that a conjoining of massive dance music talent, but this slice of Balearic sunset dance euphoria also features rising Australian duo NAATIONS, whom we’ve been supporting big time since they made their debut nearly a year ago (and we can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled we are that they’re making their SF debut at Popscene in October alongside Terror Jr on my birthday weekend). A handful of phenomenal remixes of Real Life just dropped a few days ago, amongst which comes this remix by Dillon Francis. The edit starts off like a classic house track, and you can’t help but wonder, has Dillon Francis toned down his high voltage sound? Don’t worry, soon enough, Dillon Francis jacks up the energy on the song and gets dirty. This Real Life starts jabbing and whizzing, stabbing and quaking with resolute strength, all the while still staying chic and stylish despite the new griminess. The new official remixes that have surfaced for Real Life also include edits by Kilter, Murdock, and Terrace Dub. Stay tuned and you just might find us sharing more of these tracks. For now, you can do some discovering on your own and stream them on Duke Dumont’s Soundcloud, here.

December 8, 2016

Fresh from a ripe new remix package comes an edit of Dillon Francis’ infectious Anywhere by prolific production auteur Luca Lush, and when new Luca Lush arises, you know you’re in for an adrenaline pumping joyride. The producer infuses Anywhere with vigorous springing future bass, deep rumbling dubstep, and melodic jabbing trap. This smooth polished beauty of a soaring electronic opus injects me with wondrous energy on a long tiring day. I’m ready to take on anything, go “anywhere”, bright eyed and brimming with warm optimism. 

October 25, 2016

If you somehow missed out on Dillon Francis’ collaboration with soulful British artist Will Heard despite it crushing it from the get go and receiving a ton of attention, this cheeky new video for Anywhere is your gateway to dance music heaven. As expected, any video that involves DF isn’t quite “serious”. The producer stars in his own video as an extension of odd and bizarre high fashion outfits. For all the wildly bombastic jams that Dillon Francis has shaken the earth with, Anywhere is one of his most sleekly melodic, calmly entrancing tracks, and its such a silky rapturous, hooking rhapsodic jam at that. Anywhere is available for purchase from iTunes.

June 25, 2016

I’d be lying if I said the new Dillon Francis didn’t tickle my fancy. In fact, it tickles my fancy immensely. Candy, which features hip hop artist Snappy Jit, is an ultimate party anthem which also involves GTA, but their name had to be removed due to label issues. Candy is unabashedly bold and unforgettably catchy. And its video features a twerking piñata, of all things. As always, moombahton maestro Dillon Francis and trap geniuses GTA entertain us in a very light hearted, absurdist fashion and you simply can’t turn away from this flamboyant, humorous fun. I can’t get enough of brain jiggling, bone rattling Candy, out now on iTunes.

May 9, 2016

A collaboration between Dillon Francis and NGHTMRE is obviously going to be an earth shaking ordeal. After all, Dillon Francis has been exhilarating us with his music for some time now, and NGHTMRE is the hottest new king of bass music in the scene. They join up to engulf us with a synth heaving eruption of moombahton and dubstep on Need You, a heart pumping work of frenetic grandeur. Need You is larger than life. And it’s going to be one of this summer’s biggest festival hits. The single is out now on Mad Decent and available from iTunes.

December 18, 2015

It’s been a long, excruciating wait, but Australia’s What So Not released their Gemini EP today, whose title track featuring George Maple is a song I still love wholeheartedly, eight months after it was first revealed. To be noted, the five tracks on this EP are the final pieces of music we’ll get from the What So Not that we knew as Emoh Instead and Flume. As reported quite some time back, Flume has left What So Not, leaving the thrilling electronic production act a solo venture involving only Emoh. So with that in mind, we gloriously dive into their very last block of music together, and it’s as much a spectacular way to say fare thee well to Flume in this project as any other. Off the EP comes a behemoth collaboration with Dillon Francis that features simmering vocals by Chicago’s Dawn Golden. Arrows is a turbulently soulful trap spectacular both aggressive and smooth. I’m much conflicted whether Arrows or Gemini is my favorite track off the EP, which these fine gentlemen have made a free download, here. Listen to Arrows on Spotify above or Soundcloud below. Stream the Gemini EP in full at Soundcloud. And revisit the title track featuring George Maple with me below. I can’t wait to catch What So Not at SnowGlobe in less than two weeks.

November 11, 2015

Disclosure, Sam Smith, and Dillon Francis all rolled up in one? Say it isn’t so! But it’s true! Dillon Francis returns with a majestic remix of Disclosure’s Omen, which of course, features the buttery sweet vocals of world adored Sam. Dillon Francis goes for a richly layered future bass and house sound on this one, staying true to Disclosure’s signature snazzy sound but giving the track a spicy jolt. This “omen” is a good one, no doubt. It foreshadows some euphoric dancing in the near future, if not right now. Am I right? The DF remix gets a release later this week.

September 7, 2015

Going back to a mellow but hooking hip hop and electro, a combination I can’t seem to resist, with a beautiful remix of Kygo and Dillon Francis’ Coming Over by alt/indie hip hop act SiDizen King. James Hershey’s melting voice and the intermingling of Kygo’s tropical house & Dillon Francis’ compelling synthwork make a plush cushion for SiDizen King’s slick, gripping hip hop verses. SiDizen King tweaks the meaning of the original track with his clever story telling. Download his version of Coming Over for free, here.

August 25, 2015

A Dillon Francis remix of Madeon can only mean one thing: it’s time to buckle in and hang on tight. You can’t expect nothing less than brain jolting with something as massive as a remix that combines electro house wizard Madeon with moombahton savant Dillon Francis. DF takes Madeon’s Imperium and bleeds those two genres together in a fine, cinematic balance of xylophone bridges, regal synths, and dirty drops. The Imperium remix will be out soon on August 28th.