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February 2, 2018

Not only is a new song from Girlpool an unexpected and welcome delight, but this fine gem also features Dev Hynes, or Blood Orange, on backing vocals, guitars, keyboards, and mixing. Picturesong is a gauzy skating, languid hovering song that certainly kicks off very differently from most of the Los Angeles bands’ prior scuzzy lo-fi punk and disarming guitar pop offerings. But it builds ever so slowly and achingly towards a fuzzy roiling finish. Girlpool explores loneliness and perception on their new single, which is out now on Anti-. Catch them on tour this month in the U.S. They’ll be stopping by the Great American Music Hall in SF on February 21st. 

October 11, 2017

Porches’ 2016 sophomore album Pool was one of my favorites that year, so my heart fluttered with joy when the New York based band lead by Aaron Maines shared a fresh new tune via a music video Maines co-directed with Nick Harwood today. Country even features backing vocals by Bryndon Cook and Dev Hynes, that ever amazing artist also known as Blood Orange. The song blooms effusively, a delicate and tender suffusion that slowly takes hold of every corner of the heart. Maine says that this is the last song he wrote for his new album. He’s been hard at work this past year working on the follow up to Pool. Country brings us his signature vulnerability with a fresh baroque and chamber pop like leafiness. Download Country, here.

September 22, 2017

There are far too many reasons we had to share this next one from Charlotte Gainsbourg, the brilliant British-French actress and singer who has brought us her fair share of edgy performances and well lauded music. Though it’s been seven long years since she released her last album, she re-ignites her career as a musician with the announcement of a new guest studded album and a vibrant electronic dazzler named Deadly Valentine that ventures into classic French house territory. In fact, celebrated French house producer SebastiAn is on deck for this sprawling jam. The video which Charlotte Gainsbourg shared for Deadly Valentine is an immense watch itself. It stars Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange) and shows a time defying love story that follows the pair from childhood to old age. Charlotte Gainsbourg’s new album Rest arrives on November 17. Among its jaw dropping roster of guests are Paul McCartney, Owen Pallett, Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, and more. Pre-order, here.

August 23, 2017

Boston up and comers The Night Game made a resounding splash when they made their debut with an infectious song named The Outfield. The band has since toured with John Mayer and are currently on a headlining North American tour, with five new California dates added for September. They’ve also shared their debut lyric video for The Outfield, giving us the prime opportunity to let them steal our hearts with their retro hued, 80s inspired, and nostalgia laden pop rock. The Outfield’s music video was directed by none other than Dev Hynes, or Blood Orange. The Night Game’s front man, Martin Johnson, explains that he wanted to portray the lyrical intent of the song and the idea of swimming upstream. They filmed on a gruesomely rainy day to capture fighting against a sea of umbrellas, ultimately capturing the heart of the song. The Outfield is out on iTunes, here.

June 29, 2016

One of the first things that I noticed when I woke up this morning was a flood of Blood Orange related posts on my Facebook wall. Upon further inspection, I was gleeful to discover that Dev Hynes had suddenly and unexpectedly released an album. I’ve always been insanely fond of the brilliant R&B pop and retro dance music this man puts out, whether as Blood Orange, as a collaborator with others, for film soundtracks, or beyond, so I knew that Freetown Sound was going to be an imaginative and sublime auditory experience even before I tasted any of its songs. Alongside that surprise album comes a music video, too, for album cut Augustine, which features additional vocals by slam poet Ashlee Haze. The song is so dreamy drifting good that I’ve already listened to it countless times over the course of the day. It takes us on a sensory adventure, moving us from neo-soul fleecy softness to early 80′s Madonna snappiness to Jonny Pierce like new wavey dream pop. Augustine is spectacular, and I’ll be listening to it countless more times today time allowing. Head to iTunes to purchase Blood Orange’s 17 track Freetown Sound album, or order physical copies from Domino, here.

October 28, 2015

Dev Hynes is back with a new Blood Orange tune, and it’s far too catchy and snappy not to fall for right away. Sandra’s Smile examines racial issues that have been facing America this past year, but Dev delivers those profound messages with such typical Blood Orange pep and pop. I’m almost sure I detect girlfriend Samantha Urbani’s voice on backup vocals again, too. Sandra’s Smile draws back for some sparse horns around the two minute mark, creating an overwhelming sense of jazzy introspection. When the beats and Blood Orange’s vocals kick back in again, its full on exhilaration. Regardless your stance on the issues that the song brings to light, there’s no arguing how adept Dev Hynes is at creating funk and R&B imbued pop brilliance.

September 3, 2015

The new Tinashe video is pretty dope, and its soundtracked by debut album Aquarius’ Bet. I still remember that very first time I encountered 2On and thought, “this girl’s going to big”. Now look at her go! On Bet, which features Dev Hynes, or Blood Orange, the songbird seems to channel a ton of FKA Twigs. Even in the video, her dancing and its choppy quality remind me of Tahliah. The video is part of a short film she’s named All In Good Time. It’s a riveting performance, both visually and sonically. 

January 17, 2015

The first time I heard this incredible song, it was much in thanks to a recommendation by the always amazing Jessie Ware, who recommended producer Emily Haynies’ A Kiss Goodbye on Facebook. A Kiss Goodbye is a behemoth tune that features an insane roster of guests, including Charlotte Gainsbourg, Dev Hynes, and Sampha. Listen to the original above. Today, a re-worked rendition has been revealed, and its quite the gut wrenching, soulful listen, with minimalist production and poignant sentiment. Stream below. The edited version will be on a new 12", out January 20th, that includes several songs off Emily Haynie’s forthcoming debut album.

Spector – Don’t Make Me Try

December 10, 2014

I swear this weird thing always happens to me, wherein I start wondering about what’s going on with a certain band I love, because we haven’t heard from the act in awhile. And then, lo and behold, something new drops and an announcement arrives soon afterwards! Time flies, and it’s been two years since UK band Spector released their fantastic but far overlooked debut album Enjoy While It Lasts. This means it’s also been two years since I had the pleasure of catching Fred Macpherson and the boys live at Popscene in San Francisco, after which I managed to meet the band, eat some cheetohs off their trailer, and take a photo with Fred with my teeth painted orange (note to self, cheetos not good before photographs, but so tasty after some adult beverages and live music).

Spector’s music is spectacular live, partly due to how great their post punk and synthwave flavored music tends to be, and partly due to the absolute rock star charisma of cool Fred and the rest of the band. I’m glad to share their new single Don’t Make Me Try with you today, which, like previous stand alone song Decade Of Decay, is produced by Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange. Don’t Make Me Try is a surprisingly mellow song compared to some of their upbeat songs that I’ve loved before. It carries that dreamy synthwave atmosphere that I absolutely adore. And it marks the completion of Spector’s sophomore album, from which I have a feeling I’ll be sharing more singles off of in the coming months. Revisit the colorful video for Decade Of Decay below, if you missed it a year ago, and because it’s so good, and because Dev Hynes produced it.

September 2, 2014

I am seriously so excited and happy about Jessie Ware’s sophomore album Tough Love, out October 21. As I mentioned before, I’ve been such a long time fan of Jessie, and 2012 album Devotion was just such a treat, which left me worried whether her sophomore album would be as good as I hope. From everything we’ve heard so far, it’s going to be a superb release, and today’s latest track unveiled only solidifies that ever more. Want Your Feeling is a chic, opulent song, produced, quite obviously, by the always brilliant Blood Orange, aka Devonte Hynes, with its disco inspired grooviness and addictive buoyancy. Blood Orange and Jessie Ware, why didn’t they pair up together earlier? It’s a match made in heaven.