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October 29, 2016

LA based producer Dr. Fresch professes his love for Destructo’s Eminem sampling smash hit Techno by giving the deep electro banger a fresh and wild remix. And by wild, I mean rowdy insane. Labeled “future ghetto”, this edit will bounce you sky high with its steely acidic future house and nasty wicked g-house. He explains of the track: "I’ve been in love with Destructo’s ‘Techno’ since the first time I heard it – I think midtempo electro and deeper indie dance are taking off, and I wanted to give the original my own rework. I liked how Destructo grabbed the sample from Eminem’s ‘Without Me’, and decided to use more of that sample to build the song around. I kept the tempo at 112BPM, but decided to get more complex and weird with my bass arrangement – I hope my Fresch Fam love this remix as much as I do!“ If you’ve been a lazy couch potato so far this weekend, Dr. Fresch will have you up and energized in no time, ready for a hyperactive Saturday. Download the remix for free, here.

OFFICIAL VID: Destructo – Technology

April 3, 2012

NSFW, guys. You’ve been warned. It’s EDM time. Here’s the latest Destructo, titled Technology. There’s a lot of nakedness in this. You’ve been warned! Technology is a fist pumping instrumental house track from the Los Angeles producer.