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October 4, 2016


Innovative Los Angeles based producer DEMUR has unleashed a fresh new track named Stairs, and with it, he again demonstrates why he’s chosen a production moniker whose definition as a verb is “to voice opposition”. As with the visionary’s previous tracks, DEMUR breaks new ground and makes a grand statement with Stairs. This staggering “stairway” to sonic nirvana is restless intense and suspenseful gripping. It pushes boundaries and breaths new life into the dance music scene, one which continues to be entangled in but a handful of popular trends. DEMUR bucks those trends when he gives us brilliant tracks like Stairs. Playing safe is not his game. Following the masses is not his credo.

From a skittering mesmeric start, DEMUR tosses us into an unexpected thriller of a drop. We topple over these “Stairs” and down that precipitous fall, surprised by the tumble, one as hair raising and breathtaking as a steep roller coaster dive. This riotous thrilling, unpredictably jostling voyage keeps me captivated and intoxicated in a way most recent electronic tracks cannot. DEMUR’s non-formulaic approach, his composition and delivery, build upon a myriad of genres, transmitting elements from drum & bass, acid house, breakbeat, and even hardcore rock, considering the track’s thunderous pounding, stalwart pummeling percussion. While ground breaking, there’s also a familiar vintage demeanor to Stairs. DEMUR evokes early Basement Jaxx and The Prodigy on Stairs, but modernized and etched out in his own unique style. Stairs is a free download, here. I highly recommend you dive into DEMUR’s catalogue on Soundcloud for more imaginative tracks. For more information about Demur, or “PROPAGANDA” as he calls it, head over to Facebook.