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March 8, 2018

We’re just about hitting the tail end of this cold winter season and more than ready to welcome the coming of spring, but we’re more than ready to embrace the cool gust of autumn and the dewy air of fall that Demo Taped brings us on his song Winter Soon. The sound he gives us here is a stark contrast to the more upbeat and synth mellifluous tracks he’s given us in the past. After all, the 19 year old Atlanta based producer and musician last moved us with an uptempo rhythm and vivacious synths on brisk and sleek Pack Of Gum. This time around, he gives us a dreamy sparkling, smooth glissading escapade that’s but one of many fine treats from his new EP, Momentary, out now on 300 Entertainment. Drift away to the introspective & wistful cut, ride its rotund tide, and find that “momentary” bliss as the rest of the world fades away. Stream/purchase Demo Taped sophomore EP, here.

November 17, 2017

A pack of gum and minty fresh breath sounds mighty enticing right now after the quick dinner I just shoveled into my stomach so that I could hop right back on to share music. But a ‘Pack Of Gum’ for the ears is even more satiating, particularly when it comes from 19 year old Atlanta based producer and artist demo taped. He’s designed a song around a contagious upbeat rhythm, soft fluttery vocals, and a vivacious synth melody rife with effortless electronic R&B textures. Pack Of Gum is like Blood Orange, Biyo, and Ben Khan all rolled up in one sleek slithering, slick glissading swooner. Demo Taped, aka Adam Alexander, explains that Pack Of Gum is about his personal struggles with depression and anxiety. 

“It’s about not wanting to be forgotten by someone you love. It’s called ‘Pack of Gum’ because when my anxiety was at its peak, it affected me physically. Sometimes I would get sick and so I resorted to carrying around a pack of gum at all times.” This I fully understand, since I have my own moments of chomping on gum to relax and release pent up anxiety. But now instead of gum, I have demo taped’s new song to ameliorate such malaise and leave me joyously, sonically inebriated. 

Demo Taped’s highly anticipated EP featuring “Pack of Gum” and “Insecure” is expected to drop in early 2018 via 300 Entertainment.

March 26, 2017

I’m loving what Demo Taped has done with a couple of Sylvan Esso’s red hot singles from the beloved North Carolina duo’s upcoming album What Now, easily one of my most highly anticipated records of the moment. The 19 year old producer from Atlanta has given both Radio and Kick Jump Twist extra texture with his whimsical makeovers. They take me right back to my old Nintendo gaming days. His Radio remix is a nimble bouncing, larkish flittering treat. Demo Taped whimsical future bass remix of Kick Jump Twist is no different. It skitters, shuffles, and skips with plenteous spaciousness for your best pop and lock moves. Find Demo Taped Kick Jump Twist remix below. You can also stream his Radio remix off of Soundcloud below, too. Sylvan Esso’s sophomore album What Now will be out on April 28th.

March 9, 2016

It’s a match made in music heaven on Open Arms, a magically chiming, softly bubbling song of seduction that sees Los Angeles electro R&B outfit RKCB linking up with Atlanta based producer and artist, Demo Taped. Open Arms blends soul and R&B on a bed of finely nuanced, intoxicating electronic production. I sink deep into this bed, lulled by RKCB’s velveteen vocals and the warmly vibrating bass on the song. Open Arms is as bewitching as it is swooning, a magnificent collaboration that I hope will happen again in the future.

October 25, 2015

I’m reminded why I was so grateful to the person who first introduced me to Atlanta’s Demo Taped by the artist’s latest, a woozily wonky electronic and alt pop song named Game On. Game On is an ethereal and bubbly entrancer co-produced with Utah’s Tajan. Together, the two have crafted a hypnotically shimmering and shifty gem reminiscent of Jack Garratt and Jaymes Young with a pinch of the Balearics.  

March 3, 2015

I’m much obliged to the person who introduced me to Atlanta based artist Demo Taped today. Demo Taped’s wonky electronic music is exhilarating, reminding me of textured, thrilling music by the likes of Jai Paul and Ben Khan. Recent single I Luv U is a soulful and sexy jam. Plus, it’s just a sliver of what Demo Taped has to offer on his Soundcloud. Velvety vocals serve as the perfect compliment to the song’s flaring synths and skittering beats.