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June 13, 2015

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve moved into my bangers section of the day, and it’s a special one, because it’s FRIDAY and we’re ready to be energized and pumped for the night’s festivities! Norwegian producer DARY will set you on the right path to raging bliss with his remix of Florence + the Machine’s Delilah. It starts out elegant and stately, with Florence Welch’s always stunning vocals taking the lead, but soon afterwards, DARY drops a jagged, choppy future house meets trap beat, and we’re bouncing along in mad, thrilling rapture. The remix’s deep bass and jaunty rhythm is nothing short of glorious. Snag the tune for free, here.

Delilah & Liam Bailey

December 29, 2012

English musicians Delilah and Liam Bailey gave an amazing performance of her song Breathe for the Mahogany Sessions. The video was recorded at Union Chapel in the UK. It’s some goosebump inducing, amazeballs soul. Geez louise. They’re good.

For those that aren’t familiar with Delilah, here’s her single Go from 2011. The lady’s got a great voice, and it’s a catchy, dramatic tune.

And here’s a choice old skool sounding and charming cut from the talented Liam Bailey too…