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April 4, 2017

And we’re back on with some rad morning jams for your office dancing pleasure! 3LAU drops the heat with the next track from his new label BLUME. He teams up with Yeah Boy (Johnny Castro of Parachute Youth) for a massive dose of summery deep house. On My Mind is a opulently ravishing club anthem with a laced with steely yet fluid future house. The Vegas producer explains that he wrote this song with Yeah Boy at his parents’ house in Adelaide while he was touring in Australia two years ago. Since On My Mind is out on BLUME, this means all proceeds from streams and sales go to charity. 3LAU’s current goal is to raise $30,000 for ACLU, a mighty fine cause if you ask me. You can also stream On My Mind via Soundcloud below. Purchase or stream via additional sources, here.

April 4, 2017

In the past few years, Chicago’s Autograf has proven themselves one of the scene’s most versatile and gifted production outfits with their music. The trio has brought us to great heights of joy with their future tropical and future disco confections and taken us on some introspective adventures with their more deeply pensive compositions. New song You Might Be is yet another fresh departure and creative variation in sound from the dexterous three piece. Autograf’s agile song crafting and their refined layering of instrumental elements results in breathtaking organic texture on You Might Be, a mellifluous pop meets deep future dance piece. The Bay’s own Lils, the Berkeley chanteuse formerly known as Lily Elise, turns in honeyed vocals on the poignantly aching aria. You Might Be builds upon itself with nimble strumming strings and spry buoyant beats to lush ravishing, supple melodic heights of gentle elation. The single can be purchased or stream from various other sources, here. You Might Be can also be streamed via Soundcloud below.

November 15, 2016

A bevy of amazing remixes have just been unleashed as a stellar package for Hotel Garuda’s frothy infectious, feisty jolting collaboration with Violet Days, Fixed On You. Among the edits comes a lavish rippling rendition by British producer JackLNDN, who straight crushes it with his swanky take on the tune. JackLNDN inundates us with a resplendent cascade of house and future vibes. You’ll never want to leave this cocoon of flushed splendor. The Fixed On You package out on PRMD also features can’t miss remixes by Aire Atlantica, Taiki Nulight, and Masayoshi limori. Stream and purchase, here.

November 15, 2016

Australian producer POOLCLVB has unveiled some wicked remixes of his recent single, Always, which also feature Porsches’ Carl Fox on satin chic vocals. Those remixes of the crisp and buoyant jam include a ravishing edit by Brisbane duo Odd Mob. The pair regales our senses with a tech meets deep future remix that transitions from silky smoothness to rapid jouncing elliptics. Odd Mob’s remix and a remix by Ocular can both be streamed on Spotify, too.

September 28, 2016

It’s becoming common knowledge that when new BLU J arises, we’re to expect something phenomenal. The electronic project, based right here in my beloved San Francisco, follows up on Hallucinating, last month’s popular collaboration with both INDIGINIS and Molly Moore, with a crisp elastic, sexy banging play on Ariana Grande’s Into You. The temperature rises as this lascivious deep future house twist steams us up and prompts us to move our hips. Download BLU J’s IN 2 U from Tonden

August 29, 2016

It’s been a long while since we heard from British singer songwriter Dom Rosenfeld, who’s apparently been holed up writing his new Restless EP. Dom reunites with producer ENZ on the first track off that EP, a steamy hot, vibrant pumping burst of soulful future house and jolting garage named Chasin’ much like Years & Years’ R&B slickness gone Disclosure deep and Jack Ü/Bieber vivacious. Snag Chasin’ for free, here, while we await more treats off of Dom Rosenfeld’s forthcoming EP. 

August 25, 2016

Late last night, I promised a morning dance party, and that is exactly what we’ll have as London’s Wonder K dishes out some deep future exhilaration on his classic-with-a-modern-twist remix of Sammy Porter and Asha Rae’s Look Back. The steely edged, crisp springing banger is the exact sort of sharp jabbing injection of adrenaline to pump you up for the rest of the day (or keep you dancing all through the night). Download the vibrant jouncing remix for free, here.

August 25, 2016

Production and vocalist duo Bonnie x Clyde continue their fast ascent with a fresh new fusion of future bass, trap, deep house, and Jersey club named Tonight. This evening could never be more glorious than now, with the percolating beats, crisp synths, and choppy vocals of this duo’s music sending waves of serotonin and adrenaline across the synapses of my brain. The single is part of the “Discovery Project Releases” series, and it’s inspired by a woman expressing herself to a man through a dance duel. Download Tonight for free from Toneden.

August 3, 2016

Young Danish producer Hechmann partners up with German producer MYNGA on a soulful house anthem named I’m Done. It’s an international affair on this gallant burst of high energy future deep house. I’m Done features fervent vocals by Los Angeles’ Grant Genske, who we previously heard on We Are Friends’ Better earlier this year. If you need a dose of empowering dance music to lift your spirits and help you move past the anguish of heartbreak, MYNGA and Hechmann are your knights in shining armor. I’m Done can also be streamed on Spotify.

July 7, 2016

Dutch duo The Him and Los Angeles’ Oktavian make a divine pair on Balance. The vivacious song’s future tropical house jabs are so sharp and energetic that you might find it hard to balance yourself as you hop exuberantly to its spirited cadence. Oktavian croons creamily across The Him’s rich opulent soundscape to give us one of the most rousing dance anthems of summer. The Him sets the bar ever higher for themselves with their dazzling palette of electrifying sound.