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September 18, 2017

There are several ways the word “neutral” can be fined. It could mean unbiased, or un-opinionated. Or it could mean bland, dull, and unremarkable. None of these descriptions apply to Zach Salmi, a rising producer from the small city of Peoria, IL who makes music as neutral. We already noticed this when Zach released his remix of Evalyn’s Filthy Rich a few weeks ago, so we’re as far from unbiased about his effervescent sound as possible. Neutral. now flexes his production chops with a gorgeous debut original named Turn It Around, an elegant and graceful yet honeyed bubbling future pop treat that will steal your heart away. Its a celestial flickering gem featuring sultry vocals by an enigmatic siren. Turn It Around is out now on BonFire Records. Stream/purchase here.

August 31, 2017

Who doesn’t want to have an overabundance of dollars in their wallet? While we can’t exactly go out and rob a bank or win the lottery at a whim, we can partake in Crankdat’s exhilarating debut original, Dollars. The Ohio producer and longtime provider of sensational remixes makes it rain with a flurry of high energy trap and a downpouring of chirpy euphoric beats on this exceptional first single. Dollars doesn’t just pick you up and raise your spirits, it jounces you straight to cloud nine with its happy-go-lucky, throw caution to the wind exuberance. Download Dollars, here

June 1, 2017

We’ve been familiar with Los Angeles bred producer AWAY for well over a year, due to his brilliant remixes of tracks we love like THEY.’s Motley Crue, Kiiara’s Feels, and Skott’s Porcelain. He’s just as enthralling on his debut original, Sleepwalker, which features breathy captivating vocals by singer songwriter and actress London Thor. Sleepwalker is a bittersweet heartrender that melds prickly trap with dense riveting future bass. The somber elegy is a hard hitting beauty that punctures deep into the heart. Sleepwalker is a free download, here.

May 31, 2017

Party Pupils, who are more like party teachers than pupils in my book, are back with endless swag on a sumptuous new jam named Patient. The Los Angeles duo dispenses a lavish torrent of sexy R&B soul and saucy future funk on this brassy voluptuous, satin swooning spectacular. Max Schneider and Ryan Siegel’s succulent swinging, sultry burning new original is a free download, here. Patient serves as the pair’s debut original. It comes on the heels of their ravishing singles and that jaw dropping, frisky hooking cover of Ms. Jackson, which you can find on their Soundcloud, here.

September 22, 2016

After nearly half a year with no new treats from Pittsburgh propducer No Sleep, I somehow managed to miss the news of a debut original earlier this month. My jaw dropped when I encountered Born To Lose today, then my heart melted into a puddle to the emotive beauty of this atmospheric future bass song. Dutch songbird Gia Koka’s sorrowful vocals only added to the effect. Born To Lose is a tour de force electronic anthem. It cuts to the bone yet drives us to sweet heights of euphoria with sleek synths and thundering drums. No Sleep’s first original is colossal. We need more originals from this producer. Stat. 

September 4, 2016

IHM has been a proud supporter of Chicago duo Win and Woo for over two years now. We were hooked from those very first Win and Woo remixes we encountered eons ago, edits that are long gone from the halls of Soundcloud history. We said, and we quote, “keep an eye on this duo” in that very first feature. The electronic phenoms have kept us riveted and thrilled with a steady diet of remixes and production wizardry for other gifted artists since, and today, we’re ecstatic to share Win and Woo’s debut original, Recognize, featuring honey wined vocals by Nashville singer songwriter Ashe. Recognize is a testament to the brilliance we’ve heard in Win and Woo’s music from the get go, a genre melding composition with moving emotive depth and irresistibly spirited charm. It opens with tenderly halcyon melodic house, gingerly leading us into a wonder world of frisky sass, delivered with profuse future funky vibrancy and elegant trap aplomb. Brisk thumping Recognize takes us to sky high peaks of dance inducing euphoria yet caresses our hearts with saccharine stirring feels. Recognize can also be streamed on Spotify and it’s out now on iTunes.