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February 20, 2018

British artist SAKIMA subverts and destroys archaic expectations in pop and electronica with his music, and he does it with style, too. The swiftly breaking out musician from London adds to his growing compendium of unique and imaginative songs with new single Death Is In The Air. For a single with such a macabre name, Death Is In The Air is a slick and vibrant foray into synthpop for the artist who started out with more electronic leaning roots. SAKIMA tells a tale of being queer in the 1980s on his song, as inspired by songwriter Justin Tranter after he heard him on a podcast interview. His airy, breathy vocals invite us into a world of discontent and turmoil, finely etched out with euphoric beats and lustrous synths. It’s an inspiring and lifting listen, not just for those struggling with homophobia and injustice, but for anyone dealing with prejudice and hardship. Death Is In The Air is also ridiculously infectious, a wonderfully exhilarating dose of life affirming, synth vivacious electro-pop. You can also stream the single via Spotify, here.