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May 18, 2018

It’s happened! It’s finally, finally happened! Barring another sudden delay (the last one being Valentine’s Day a few years ago, when Johnny Jewel reportedly destroyed the recordings due to being the perfectionist we’re glad he is), Chromatics’ Dear Tommy is on its way into our outstretched arms, uh, ears! The album is due to arrive this fall via Italians Do It Better, and this welcome news, worthy of much revelry, is accompanied by brand new single Black Walls. Sure, it hasn’t been a complete Chromatics drought these past few of years. After all, we were treated to the music Jewel wrote for Twin Peaks: The Return last year as well as the band’s delightful cameos on the show. But Dear Tommy has been a long time coming, and now Black Walls reminds us exactly why we’re going to be a forever fan of the band. Dark droopy synthpop and ominous italo-disco exude morbidly romantic, sweetly tortured vibes. As always, we lose ourselves in Ruth Radelet’s soft dreamy voice. We gladly stay there, lost in the Chromatics, as we wait for a definite release date for Dear Tommy.

September 15, 2016

While we’re desperate for news about Chromatics’ long awaited album Dear Tommy, we’re more than happy to dive back into the Johnny Jewel led project’s I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around now that they’ve released a music video for the song. The black and white video unfolds gorgeously and dreamily, managing to amplify the song’s sugary synthpop nostalgia even more. I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around will be on Dear Tommy, reportedly “available soon” on Italians Do It Better. Dear Tommy was supposed to arrive on Valentine’s Day earlier this year. Guess we’ll find out how soon is “soon”. In the meantime, there’s no resisting re-visiting the dark syrupy title track and its glamorously twisted music video all over again. Watch below.

August 28, 2016

It’s become an epic summer in regards to the release of long awaited and much delayed new music. Though no news has surfaced of when we’ll get to hear a new Chromatics album, which was originally promised for Valentine’s Day, the celebrated italo disco brainchild of Johnny Jewel has revealed the deliciously dark title track, Dear Tommy. I had the magnificent song on repeat the night it first surfaced, and today, we dive into its music video together, replete with blood, crimson roses, an ominous countdown clock, and what seems to be the visual representation of the proverbial forbidden fruit or poisoned apple. Dear Tommy is a distended and ghostly synthcore hymnal, as dramatic and intense as a foggy synthpop song can be. Here’s to hoping a release date will be announced for Chromatics’ new album soon.