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May 16, 2018

We’ve had to wait two long years for a new single from Dead Ceremony, but All This Noise was worth every excruciating minute. The British synthpop band has shared a beautifully pellucid, diaphanous gliding aria as well as shared news of a fresh EP named ‘heartache’. All This Noise is a gently folding, ethereal crimping beauty with breathy aching vocals reminiscent of Hot Chip frontman Alexis Taylor. Dead Ceremony dyes their synthpop with pigments of house and R&B, executing it with meticulous grace. Flute-like island horns add another layer of breezy warmth to their transcendental song. All This Noise, for a sublime few minutes, is the only focused sound filtering through my ears. It cuts through all the turbulence and cacophony of life to give us a moment of wondrous tranquility. Dead Ceremony explains: “This song is about the revelation of falling out of love, and accepting that you have to end what you once thought was so certain. Finding the strength and clarity to ignore the fears, expectations, assumptions and advice that surround you, and focus instead on the truth that love is all that really matters and that everything else is just noise.” All This Noise can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

February 4, 2016

English quartet Dead Ceremony are back with a woozy new electronic pop single named Tell Me Lies, whose nebulous production and droning bass are thoroughly captivating. Slicing through that rousing atmosphere are Dead Ceremony’s clarion vocals, a striking, soulful contrast to the song’s dusky beats and shadowy groove. Dead Ceremony worked alongside producers and friends Maths Time Joy and Brassica to create their new material. The band will be dropping a long awaited debut EP in April.

November 30, 2014

Hot dang, I’ve been quickly, gleefully entrapped by this debut song, Losing You, from a new London based quartet named Dead Ceremony. It’s a dark, melodious synthpop song permeated with very sultry and yearnful electronic soul. Atmospheric synths and an entrancing, trip hoppy beat pair with such honeyed crooning. It’s a combo sure to reel in fans of SOHN, James Blake, and Lo-Fang. The song’s been tagged “Maths Time Joy”, I’m guessing the talented British musician produced the track. Watch Dead Ceremony’s self directed video for the stunning tune below.