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October 27, 2017

My brain near short circuited from excitement when I noticed these two acts coming together on one new remix. I’m still glowing from the magnificence of Oh Wonder’s sold out show at the Fox in Oakland last week, and now a wicked remix of their Ultralife cut Lifetimes has surfaced. At the helm of this edit is Everything Everything, the Manchester art rock and experimental electronica band we adore to no end. Everything Everything released an excellent album recently in the form of A Fever Dream themselves. Now, they lend that feverish brilliance to this glitchy skittering, beat bristling remix of Lifetimes. This is Oh Wonder, as you’ve never heard them before, in the savvy hands of Everything Everything. Get ready to be darkly entranced by the turbulently rumbling tech styled remix. 

September 27, 2017

It was a serendipitous chance encounter the other day that brought my ever searching ears to Elephunk, a producer out of Los Angeles who is a wicked sonic alchemist when it comes to his techno and house thrillers. Desperate Times is his latest original, a guttural banger with bottomless beats and a dark ominous bass line. This is the sort of electronica that takes me back to my younger days, when I used to hit up warehouse raves. As its name suggests, there’s a disconsolate tautness to Desperate Times and its metallic thrumming, acidic whirring soundscape, but the feeling is strangely exhilarating, as if fueled by infernal ecstasy. You can download Desperate Times, here. Continue your mind buzz with another track from Elephunk named Don’t Go Back below, which features soulful vocals and a more meditative tribal vibe.

May 1, 2017

It’s a rare treat to come across a track that features gothy electronic pop artist Zola Jesus on guest vocals, so the moment Howl caught my attention, I had to set everything aside for a thrilling listen. Howl comes by way of Black Asteroid, a new project from Bryan Black, also one half of esteemed duo MOTOR. Bryan launches full force into the world of dark techno as Black Asteroid, and he couldn’t have picked a better partner to do so with than Zola Jesus on  Howl. A fittingly inky music video comes with Howl, too. Stream the stunning abstract visualizer below. Howl will be on Black Asteroid’s album Thrust, due out later this year on Last Gang Records. 

April 8, 2016

If you’re at all wondering why this Brooklyn based producer goes by the name Devil Disco, you’ll quickly find your answer in his new remix of Lana Del Rey’s Without You. The “disco” is readily apparent from the edit’s very first bars, but then he goes dark and sinister with the distortion and warping on the elastically jouncing, animatedly haunting treat. Who else but Lana Del Rey is perfect for such an eerie yet thrilling makeover? I’m just about ready to bounce out of my seat right now to Devil Disco’s acid-techno-goth-disco spectacular. 

March 11, 2016

Louisville based producer Amtrac, who recently gave us a spectacular remix of Fred Falke’s It’s A Memory, gets a remix of his own masterful electronic music in the form of Durante’s interpretation of Long Nights. The Los Angeles producer’s Long Nights is somber and heavy, a yawning chasm of dark techno and deep house. I wouldn’t mind if this long night never ended, though that sunrise will chase away the shadows and breath new life into me.

January 24, 2016

I’ve come to realize that I seem to be fond of every track on which Toronto’s Delaney Jane is a guest vocalist. Her gorgeous voice is simply bewitching. But we have Delaney Jane to thank as much for that as much as fellow Canadian REZZ on the producer’s new Mau5trap released dark techno track Lost, a densely pulsing and moodily volatile riveter. The slow churning song whorls seductively, building with sweet tension. Its brambly edges fire out searing tingles alongside a foreboding but desirous atmosphere that leaves me restless and wired. Stream Lost on Spotify above or Soundcloud below. Lost comes from REZZ’s new four track The Silence Is Deafening EP, just released last Friday. Purchase on iTunes.