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October 16, 2017

Glass House is a new track off of Jersey power punk trio Screaming Females’ eagerly awaited full length return, and it’s but more proof that All At Once is going to be a glorious release. It’s a raucous and furious, clamorous and glowering treat accompanied by a fittingly dark and minacious music video. Hopefully it can hold our Screaming Females hunger over until February 23rd, then All At Once drops via Don Giovanni. 

September 20, 2017

We were thoroughly impressed by fast rising Los Angeles band Holy Wars when they unleashed their inky bristling, gothic haunting second single Orphan over the summer. The band, lead by magnetic front-woman Kat Leon, has since revealed the first single from a forthcoming debut full length named Mother Father. Back To Life was well received and widely lauded, and we can now partake in its fierce riffs and tempestuous timbre via a thrilling music video, too. The video which accompanies this gritty snarling alt rock spectacular was directed by Erin Li and edited by Li and Kat Leon itself. It’s no wonder I gravitate towards the visuals. Its surreal nature and mind bending journey were inspired by the works of David Lynch and classic film The Seventh Seal. Holy Wars’ debut album is dedicated to Leon’s parents, who she tragically lost within months of each other in 2015. Mother Father arrives on November 3rd. Pre-order from iTunes, here.

April 27, 2017

Rochester band Joywave is back with their first new song in over a year, and this time around, we’re in for a dark heady ride. Content is an ominous thudding, inky intoxicating beast of a tune. About a minute into the song’s eerie introspection, Joywave breaks into thrashing ferocity. They’ve melded indietronica with industrial tinged electro rock in heart pumping fashion. Content is like Nine Inch Nails paired with The Shoes or Big Data, with even a sprinkling of Radiohead in its subdued and meditative moments and a sliver of Crystal Castles in its acerbic synths intens. Content is a trip of a tune and just the right kind of danse macabre I adore. 

February 17, 2017

Each of the handful of times I’ve managed to catch Pumarosa live has been more fiercely glorious than the last, whether at home here in San Francisco or halfway across the nation in Austin. The East London outfit’s debut album, The Witch, is undoubtedly a spring arrivals I’m wildly excited for this year. Today, Pumarosa unveiled a new track off the forthcoming record, enticing us with sultry haunting, steady burning alt pop and noise rock on Dragonfly. The song come at us bold and ferocious. It reminds me of Siouxsie and the Banshees as well as Savages with some of Anna Calvi’s flaring guitar chords. It seems rather proper that Pumarosa’s first album is named The Witch. There’s always been something so bewitching about this band’s ruddy impassioned, darkly eerie music. The Witch arrives May 19th via Harvest Records, pre-order, here.

January 9, 2017

A scuzzy post-punk fan like me simply can’t resist the waves of raucous distortion and seething wall of dark brooding that assaults my ears from Lumer’s Futile. The four piece band from the UK recently unleashed a video for the glorious single, one burgeoning with grit and grunge, just like the song itself. Futile snarls raw and furious, angry and restless. The single is out now on Warren Records alongside b-side Pink Noise. Snag them from Bandcamp, here.

May 31, 2016

There’s a four piece alt rock band out of Wells in the UK who are shaking things up with their thrilling music. That band is named Monarks, who follow up on a compelling debut EP from late last year with new single You Were My Fire. Monarks’ passion burns brilliantly on the vociferous yet mellifluous song. You Were My Fire wildly shreds as much as lead singer Sam slickly captivates. There’s a HIM and Deftones sort of darkness to Monarks’ latest tune, but paired with the soaring energy of Muse. They’ve also been compared to Lonely The Brave and Twin Atlantic. The fellows in Monarks are also known to be great guys too, such heart warming icing on the cake. In fact, Sam was just featured in a documentary about his work with an elderly dementia patient, which you can read all about on Noisey, here

March 8, 2016

Thanks to some like minded individuals with superb music taste, I’ve been introduced to an unsigned Finnish quartet named Runaway Zoo. The band hails from a dark, small town, and they allegedly like monkeys, according to their Soundcloud profile. This may help to explain their band name, or perhaps not. In any case, Runaway Zoo’s new song Just To Be Somebody is dark and delicious, a wickedly edgy alt pop song brimming with plentiful melodic goth HIM and some electrifying Depeche Mode. It’s a sound I find irresistibly magnetic.

February 4, 2016

One might be able to surmise from the band name itself that A Dead Forest Index crafts and delivers rather somber and dark indie rock songs, but that mournful melancholy lends itself well to the stirring effect of the London based New Zealand natives. Despite its drifty, pensive quality, new song No Paths is steeped in softly glowing optimism. No Paths is lush and riveting, a stunning tune from a band that has been compared to the likes of The Velvet Underground & Nico, Scott Walker, Antony and the Johnsons, and more. A Dead Forest Index’s dreamy atmosphere and mesmerizing vocals also remind me of Beach House. A Dead Forest Index is championed by Savages’ Jehnny Beth, and somehow, that’s not surprising. There’s a sense of empowerment within No Paths, a boldness that one can also find in Savages. A Dead Forest Index will be releasing debut album In All That Drifts From Summit Down on April 29th via Sargent House. Being totally spellbound by this new encounter, I dove into some of A Dead Forest Index’s prior releases. Let Cast Of Lines gently sweep you away below, too.

December 8, 2015

One of my favorite debut albums of 2015 comes from Calgary’s Viet Cong, and FEWS easily reminds me of them with their brand of sinister post punk and math rock flavored guitar riffs on The Zoo, a dark and coldgazey song for which the band dropped a grainy music video. The London based Swedish band who just signed to Play It Again Sam also reminds me of some of my other favorite dark post punkers, like Editors, early Bloc Party, and Interpol, but FEWS sounds even more satisfyingly sinister. The Zoo’s music video was directed and animated by Alden Volney, who shot the psychedelic visual treat in post-industrial Malmö. FEWS are currently working on a debut album, holed up in South London in a studio with Dan carey. The Zoo is available as a limited 7″ single and digitally via Play It Again Sam.

October 31, 2015

With a name like Double Dark, you kind of sort of know what to expect going forth. The single’s new video doesn’t hold back on creepiness either, while the song itself is a somber piece of bluesy indie rock from London’s Wildhood. Double Dark is befitting of this Halloween weekend. It’s hypnotic, transfixing, and harshly raw. Though Double Dark marches at a deliberate pace, there’s a sense of desperate urgency to the song, which punches in the gut with its impassioned vocals and droning guitars. It’s only Wildhood’s second song, but it takes a deep hold and dictates that we pay attention to the compelling new act.