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April 5, 2018

Gallant has long graced the pages of IHM with his inimitable voice and incomparable talent. The very first time we featured the artist was well over five years ago, and we’ve since watched with joy as the world picked up on his unrivaled ability to mesmerize and enthrall. He pours himself into his music with a fervency and intensity second to none. The LA by way of NYC singer, currently signed to visionary label Mind Of A Genius alongside the likes of ZHU, THEY., and more, has finally re-emerged from a one year hiatus with a new release. Watch the dark seductive video for Gentleman above, and revel in his perfect falsettos and the slinky winding showstopper of an R&B ballad. Gentleman is our first taste of Gallant’s new _OLOGY project, releasing this summer. The song’s opaque soundscape, whose minimalist skitters evoke Arca, is visceral and intense, like SOHN, yet atmospheric and weighty, like Jon Hopkins. You can stream/download Gentleman, here. With the new EP on the horizon and plenty of excitement down the road, 2018′s shaping up to be yet another huge year for Gallant. 

February 2, 2018

We’ve been sounding the alarm on Sevdaliza for several years now, that’s how much we’ve been taken by the Dutch-Iranian artist’s sinuous twisting, eerie haunting music, a shiver inducing experimental blend of sensual R&B, dark pop, and trip hop inflected electronica. Her music is always gut wrenching and visceral, and the one time I was fortunate enough to catch Sevdaliza live at SXSW in Austin a few years ago, she blew me away with her stage presence and seductive performance. There was no taking your eyes off of the magnetic artist as she belted out her dusky, shadowy songs. Come this year’s Noise Pop Fest in February, Sevdaliza will finally make her San Francisco debut at the Swedish American (February 24th). I highly recommend you join us in adoring and idolizing the artist & her mesmeric appeal. Until then, entangle yourselves in her voluptuous snaking and murky haunting new song, Soul Syncable. It winds around us and bores into us. Like a snake under the spell of a snake charmer, we can’t help but writhe and bend in hedonistic exultation. Soul Syncable is available from iTunes, here.

January 11, 2018

We had our first Always Never experience when we shared Tilka’s lush future beats single Missing Home, on which the Toronto R&B singer/production duo transfixed us with smoldering vocals. The pair have since released a bevy of swooning singles, out of which the latest is an R&B soul track named Hopeless which they wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered themselves. It’s glaringly apparent that the gifted duo are an act to watch in 2018 as they enthrall and seduce us with their ethereal brooding, dark yearning serenade, reminiscent of The Weeknd and Majid Jordan. Download the single, here, and visit Always Never’s other singles on Soundcloud, here.

November 21, 2017

Little needs to be said to convince anyone of the quality of a song when it involves both 6LACK and BANKS, but let’s attempt to wax poetic over In Between, anyway. It’s a bonus delicacy off of an anniversary re-release of the ATL artist’s debut album, Free 6LACK. In Between is one of three new track, and its combination of 6LACK’s R&B/hip hop with BANKS’ trademark smoky seductive vocals is nothing short of divine. In Betwee’s moody broiling R&B oozes dark brooding, lusty aching vibes. Snag the bonus track from iTunes, here.

August 22, 2017

Los Angeles by way of Cleveland singer songwriter and producer Zalma Bour weaves a deeply entrancing spell on us as she serenades us with new single Cleanslate. The song’s sinuous winding, ominous whirling opening bars entice us into a dark sensuous world, where we’re met by this striking talent’s lithe willowy R&B soul vocals, which are nothing short of exquisite. Cleanslate, which Zalma Bour co-produced with Sinagawd, is a must for any fan of FKA Twigs and Kill J. Through its ghostly soundscape cuts a sharp sophistication and sultry confidence that also evokes Kelela and BANKS. For more Zalma Bour, head to her Soundcloud, here.

June 28, 2017

I’m always scanning my socials for the latest music news, and with all the fellow music heads that I have on there, I’m able to catch most of what’s going on in other parts of the world. I confess, I’m incredibly jealous that some of my pals down in LA had the pleasure of seeing Sevdaliza when she was in town. The last and only time I ever saw the gifted Dutch-Iranian artist live was at SXSW a couple of years ago, and she was sensational. Someday, I hope she’ll make it up to San Francisco, and I’ll get to experience it all once again. In the meantime, I’m relishing in the classy opulence and dramatic splendor that is her new music video for Bluecid, a haunting experimental R&B track off her excellent debut album ISON. Sevdaliza directed the video with Zahra Reijs. Her dance in an empty ballroom, with French adult film actor

François Sagat, is strangely sensual yet gut wrenching, just like her music. You can stream Sevdaliza’s utterly compelling full length, ISON, off Spotify, here.

May 24, 2017

Just the other day, I was wondering where Oscar & The Wolf had disappeared to and daydreaming about the sultry enthralling sets I caught at SXSW last year when the Belgian artist took Austin by storm. So it was a delightful surprise when a new Oscar & The Wolf single met my ears over the weekend. So Real is appropriately dark and deliciously smoldering, as Oscar & The Wolf’s music tends to be. His R&B inflected alt pop is as carnally seductive and dramatic brooding as ever. So Real pumps like molten lava through our veins, heating up our hearts and electrifying us to the core. I gladly surrender myself to the inky passion seeping from the song. So Real can be purchase/streamed via additional outlets, here.

April 25, 2017

I’m still kicking myself for having to miss Mothica when I was at SXSW a month ago. I saw her stickers all over the place too… in bathroom stalls, on building walls… yet I never got to see the magnetic singer songwriter from New York perform. I’m hoping I’ll get to to see her in San Francisco someday soon. For now, I’ll tumble into the sublime depths of tempestuous new single Sometimes.

Mothica’s husky seductive vocals and the impassioned opulence on her future R&B ballad combine for a torrent of dark sultriness that rivals that of Banks and George Maple. Mothica is gearing up for the release of her sophomore EP, Heavy Heart, due to arrive in May. We look forward to it with stratospheric glee.

April 11, 2017

Nobody likes a gold digger, or maybe some people do? I know the only type of gold digger I’m fond of is this song from Belgian artist Tsar B, who thoroughly haunts and bewitches with her new single Golddigger. The heady experimental electronica and R&B pop on this sinuous twisting, sharp winding aria captures what it might sound like if Björk, Sevdaliza,

Beyoncé, and Kill J came together for a mind blowing collaboration. Ominous glowering, sinister seductive Golddigger is creepy sumptuous and eerie intense.  The fine sonic work of art can be streamed or purchased from additional sources, here

March 22, 2017

Los Angeles’ SIDI is one of our exciting new discoveries this week. Her dark sensual, moody haunting form of R&B and electropop on striking new single TRIP is evocative and gripping. TRIP’s future bass cinematics and the chanteuse’s smoky seductive voice create an effect vivid and dominating, not unlike a cross between Banks and Flume. TRIP is listed as the first single off SIDI’s debut album Destructive, set to arrive on Midnight Records. For more of SIDI’s rousing dark pop, stream Demons below. TRIP can also be streamed off Soundcloud below, too.