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November 26, 2013

Today, Brooklyn dark pop duo MS MR released their Fantasy Remix EP, which includes their hit tune Fantasy and the above sweet LCD Soundsystem cover. MS MR’s version of Dance Yrself Clean is an addictive piano pop anthem that builds up to some intoxicating, major brownie points garnering sax sections (me and brass, as always). The duo have been performing the cover live for a long while now, but it’s only for this EP that they recorded a studio version for our listening pleasure. I’m ecstatic about MS MR’s recent found popularity, after having zealously gushed about them since early last year after falling for their song Bones. I was super fond of their 2012 EP Candy Bar Creep Show, and I very much enjoyed debut album Secondhand Rapture early this year. Way to go, MS MR. Another track off today’s Fantasy Remix EP is the previously featured, deep house remix of Fantasy by Kele Okereke of Bloc Party. Let’s listen in on it again!