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May 11, 2018

StéLouse has been a long favorite on IHM. And we just learned that the Denver based producer has chosen to change his name, or rather, the way he spells his name, to StayLoose (perhaps to avoid any pronunciation confusion?). With the nom du plume transformation comes a new song that marks a fresh direction for the esteemed artist, too. Fight Back, which features ever pervasive guest vocalist Nevve on spirited vocals, ventures deep into high voltage melodic pop with its rhythmic marching beats, high flying melody, and rollicking percussion. It’s a vigorous and mighty anthem, a tenaciously encouraging rallying cry. StayLoose explains: 

“With so much happening in the world and everyone with a different opinion and belief system, we must remember that its through a unified front, through taking a stand together, that we have the ability to make the changes we wish to see in the world”. Fight Back, out on Dim Mak, can be found on Apple Music, here.

OFFICIAL VID: Bastille – Of The Night

October 9, 2013

Red hot London indie alt band Bastille have a new single coming out in the UK. Their latest tune to get a royal video treatment isn’t off of wildly successful debut album Bad Blood. In fact, it’s one of their many cover mashups, for which they were known for before they exploded on the scene with Bad Blood. I believe I even shared some of those mashup covers on here. Bastille’s reimagined blend of Corona’s Rhythm Of The Night and Snap!’s Rhythm Is A Dancer is an intoxicating track with a title shortened to Of The Night. Dan’s voice shines perfectly as it always does. The classic 90’s dance tracks are completely transformed, Bastille style, into a smooth, late night ballad.