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June 30, 2016

Nero’s Two Minds is undeniably epic, an unforgettable track off the British trio’s 2015 album Between II Worlds. It’s that song that we get to re-visit this glorious morning, but this Two Minds has been tweaked, to say the least. Though it’s sweeping cinematic and has its smoothly fluid moments, you’ll want to prepare yourself for the hard drop that hits a quarter of a way through. And you’ll want to buckle yourself in for the rest of this high adrenaline ride. Miami based DJ and producer Damaged Goods has joined forces with Australian model, actress, DJ, and recording artist Ruby Rose to remix Two Minds, and their thrilling deep future modification is jouncing vibrant and dark tumultuous. The only bruised and “damaged goods” here is probably me, after going bonkers wild to this sharp jabbing, vociferous throbbing beast of a remix. The savage fierce, raging exhilarating track is a free download, here

December 10, 2015

As we inch closer to the end of another day full of magical music, it seems about the right time to go hard with a sensational new track from Miami’s Damaged Goods. New tune Leave Me Alone, which features fellow Miami producers Paperwater and songbird Viola pairs Damaged Goods’ background in electro house with the floor shaking brutality of high energy future house. The resulting mixture of electronic bliss is deep, dark, and exhilarating. It might actually be a good idea to leave me alone when I’m destroying the floor to this one. Free download, here.

May 27, 2015

Miami’s Damaged Goods gives Lucas & Steve’s popular jam Blinded, featuring Bethany, a spaciously buoyant, jagged, and deep future house remix. It’s an exhilarating yet haunting banger full of ominous tension and dark edges that I can’t resist. Damaged Goods’ remix is literally one of those hypnotic tracks that can be kept on an endless repetitive loop all night long, and the crowd would likely enjoy dancing to it over and over and over again. I know I would.

January 9, 2015

Miami producers Damaged Goods and Cosmo quickly thrilled my ears with their massive remix of A-Trak’s synthpop leaning, Andrew Wyatt featuring Push, giving it the high energy animation of a big room pleaser. Blasting bass, pulsing electro, and exhilarating progressions create an eye opening sonic experience. Who needs coffee to wake up for the evening after a long day, when you have bangers like this one? For more of Damaged Goods solo producing, stream his sick remix of ZHU’s Faded below.