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Searching for some darkness

September 27, 2011

Was craving something a little more on the dark ambient side, so ended up searching for some witch house videos. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find the latest witch house stuff? I can’t seem to find any good sites or channels for it, and it’s not easy to find newer stuff, I often end up listening to the stuff from a year or two ago. 

CRIM3S’ New Flesh is awesome, I just love that droning heavy dark sound. 

And here’s some M△S▴C△RA!

This is a little less edgy, but Daisuke Tanabe has some awesome stuff… and it’s a more chill way to finish up the post and visit dream land soon. Though I’m still craving good witch house and have been trying to find more gems for awhile now… ahh. Any suggestions? =)