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May 1, 2018

I consider myself very fortunate to have witnessed the charm of CYN not once but twice in a little over a month recently. Not only was the LA-based Chicago starlet, who’s signed to Katy Perry’s label, thoroughly dazzling when I caught her at SXSW, but she was absolutely scintillating while opening for Sigrid at a very sold out show at the Independent in San Francisco. She’s always left me breathlessly enthralled with her glistering pop, her spirited stage presence, and her beautifully lissome voice. I guess you could say CYN has a whole lot of style and pizzazz, as well as the sweetest smile. And now CYN continues to hold us spellbound with new single Believer, a sleek pumping heartbreak anthem that will comfort us and keep our feet moving through the forthcoming tumultuous summer months, sure to be rife with crushes, obsessions, and despair. Though CYN has wrapped up her tour with Sigrid, she been confirmed to support Katy Perry on her tour in Mexico next month. She’ll also be winning hearts left and right when she performs at Bonnaroo on June 6th. We’re more than true “believers” when it comes to CYN and her lustrous pop, so often inspired by afflictions of the heart but always zestfully ravishing and exuberantly full of life. Believer can also be found on iTunes, here, and Spotify, here.

April 6, 2018

On the final day of SXSW last month, despite how exhausted I was after days of running around Austin, I made sure to venture out to Rainey Street to catch CYN’s 3pm set at Culture Collide. It was the hottest day of the festival, the sun was beating down on us, but the Los Angeles based Chicago starlet, who’s signed to Katy Perry’s label, enchanted us with her lissome vocals, a charming sense of style (loved her shiny pink outfit), and her ever infectious, bubbly spry electro-pop. Not long after we flew home, a remix surfaced of CYN’s Alright, one of our favorite singles from the blooming talent. And we were ever delighted that RKCB was at the helm of the re-work, too. The electro-soul duo smooth out the punchiness of the dashing tune on their dreamy lush remix, a sensual yet sprightly dance re-imagination of the original, whose IHM feature you can re-visit, here. You can also stream the remix via Spotify, here.

March 12, 2018

I have less than 24 hours to go before I step on my flight to Austin. It’s rather fitting that I’m twisting around in bliss to CYN’s dark dance pop right now, since I’m hoping to catch her once I arrive at SXSW. The magnetic Chicago songstress, who’s signed to Katy Perry’s label, was just confirmed to support SIGRID on her North American tour this April, which means I’ll get another chance to catch her at the sold out show in San Francisco, too. She dazzles us with her glittering pop sensibilities and deeply relatable lyrics on new single Alright, a dance-floor banger of a disco-inflected pop jam produced by Sam De Jong (Gary Clark Jr., 30 Seconds to Mars). 

CYN details: “When I wrote this song, I was thinking back on all the notes my teachers wrote on my report cards: would be a perfect student if only she would stop talking, attitude adjustment needed, lacking self-discipline, etc. It’s almost funny to me how harsh my teachers were and how they made the littlest things feel like the end of the world! After what felt like a ton of pressure under a constant magnifying glass, I still did it my way and I turned out alright.” You can grab the single from iTunes, here.

October 4, 2017

How do you follow up a debut as summer buoyant and shiny gleaming as Together? By releasing a sensational second single like Only With You, of course, especially when you’re as talented and magnetic as Chicago’s CYN. Only With You showcases CYN’s more darkly bewitching side. Its stiletto strut and rumbling bass are a sharp contrast to Together’s sweetly prancing pop. The effect is thrilling and scintillating, like static electricity. Felix Snow, whom we’re well familiar with from his solo work, his production collaborations with artist like Kiiara, and his role in Terror Jr, crafts an elastic bouncing, effervescent lurching environment in which CYN’s striking voice more than thrives. CYN, who’s signed to Katy Perry’s label Unsub Records, has wittily linked up with Snow to create a melting pot of dramatic alt pop and fizzy electro pop on her second single. 

July 15, 2017

To the Windy City we go for a zestful and piquant electro pop gem from rising chanteuse and enchanting vocalist CYN. Together is her debut single, though we’d previously been enthralled by her voice on Midoca’s Heartbeat. It’s a summer buoyant, shiny gleaming flutter of effervescent and playful pop. CYN recently signed to Katy Perry’s Unsub Records after the pop superstar fell in love with CYN’s voice and her ability to write a creative pop song. We’re more than ready for more of sweet and sassy, ethereal and captivating CYN.

February 25, 2015

Uplifting and sweeping, yet so dreamily intoxicating, comes pulsing, wonky, aptly named Heartbeat, a new single from Los Angeles based producer Midoca that features enchanting vocals by CYN. Fresh on my radar, Midoca literally made my ears perk up in euphoria with the flavorful blend of soulful electronica and shimmering future bass. The ethereal treat draws influences from Bonobo, SBTRKT, and Galimatias.