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August 16, 2016

cln Interview – August 2016 

*interviewed by Nick

I Heart Moosiq chatted with gifted Australian electronic producer cln, or Callan Alexander, ahead of his debut North American tour. We’ve been fans of cln’s music for over two years now and we can’t get enough of his latest beautifully chiming, pensive stirring singles, Mist and Owls. On August 26th, cln hits up 1015 in San Francisco alongside Crywolf and ILLENIUM, both of whom also put on amazing shows the last time we saw them in the Bay. In fact, you can read our interview with ILLENIUM, here, after you peruse our conversation with cln below. 


IHM: We’re excited that you’ll be coming to The States for a tour. What are some items you’ll be bringing with you to keep from getting home sick?

cln: I’m bringing my partner! She will keep me company so hopefully I won’t get too homesick. I might try sneak some Vegemite through customs too. 

IHM: This won’t be your first time performing in The States. The Red Rocks in Colorado is one of the most beautiful venues the US has to offer. What was it like to take that venue in and also support an act like The Chainsmokers?

cln: The red rocks show is actually part of this tour, so I’m not sure yet! Can’t wait though!


What city are you most looking forward to taking in from a tourist perspective?


Vancouver looks beautiful. I’m also excited to see LA and New York for the first time. 


In 2009 you moved from South Africa to Brisbane. To me your music is very earthly. There’s a calming whimsicality to it. How much influence do you draw from nature and the natural environments of these two places?


Nature is super inspiring. It’s kind of hard to make music outside – but I go hiking fairly often and I guess I try to channel those experiences into my music. I think that inspiration is more of a subconscious thing though – I don’t think I ever actively try to make music based on something in particular. I suppose it just sort of turns out that way. 


To me it seems most of the artwork for your songs are animals or landscapes that make me think of Australia or South Africa. Is there any correlation to this or am I over reaching?


No you’re completely right! Two of my covers so far have been based on South African animals. I think animals/birds are really interesting from a visual perspective. 


Your remix of Odesza’s Say My Name is stellar. On soundcloud you’ve captioned it as your entry for their remix competition. Was the prize to be an opener at their show at Oh Hello?


Thank you! I was one of the finalists in that competition, but opening for them wasn’t really part of the prize. We just reached out to them when we found out they were coming to Brisbane and they asked us to support them. It was such a great show. 


In an interview you mentioned you’d love to collaborate with Damon Albarn of the Gorillaz. Are you excited that there’ll be a new album coming soon?


am beyond excited. Gorillaz albums always push musical boundaries so I can’t wait to see what they come up with. 


You went on a trip to Africa back in January and seemed excited for a 14 hour flight because you could play


. How active have you been with Pokémon Go and does that amp up your excitement for the tour, the possibility of finding Pokemon that may otherwise be hard to find in Australia?


I must admit I’m more of a fan of the old school Pokemon games. I was pretty obsessed with my GameBoy Advance when I was younger. I have played

Pokémon Go

a little bit, and I think it’s a really cool concept. I don’t think I will have too much time to play while I’m overseas unfortunately. 


If you could describe yourself as a Pokemon which of the original 150 would you be and why?


Tough question. I think I’m gonna go with Drowzee, since I seem to always be in a state somewhere between awake and asleep. 


Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you in San Francisco! 

cln: Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter

June 30, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 06.28.2016

Featured music – June 28th, 2016

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June 29, 2016

In the past several weeks, some stunning remixes of songs by SoCal virtuoso Crywolf have been surfacing. These remixes are but a testament to how influential and inspiring Crywolf is on his fellow musicians. The latest such potent piece comes from now Los Angeles based producer Gazzo, who gives Crywolf’s Wake [E-bow] an uplifting summer remake. “Two friends take a step in the darkness”. Apparently, they emerge out of that darkness, illuminated by the radiance of Gazzo’s brass spirited, dance vivacious remix. The remix’s savanna styled breezy allure even reminds me of some of my favorite 80′s songs. It’s certainly a fresh and unique take on Wake [E-bow] whcih comes from Crywolf’s acclaimed album Cataclasm. 

June 23, 2016

What magic arises when you combine the atmospheric passion of Southern Californian music virtuoso Crywolf with the sonic brilliance of Santa Cruz production mainstay Bassnectar? Something as beautiful as this remix of Crywolf’s Rising, Rising, that’s what. It’s a sojourn of wonder and fantasy, a flight across a twinkling night sky and across vast oceans that we alight upon with Bassnectar as he gives Rising, Rising a heart rending chill electronic makeover teeming with captivating chimes, harps, and bells. This isn’t the bass heavy, wub wub wub bursting Bassnectar that we were once so accustomed to. Instead, Lorin bares his soft, sensitive underbelly on the downtempo melodic, ambient sheer aria. Bassnectar said he just wanted to “play with it, explore it, and interact with it”. In the end, he let it “breathe, as a deeply soothing lullaby which lets the original melodies loop on and on until you wonder if you are dreaming”. Am I dreaming? Must I wake up? The remix comes off of Bassnectar’s new Unlimited album, which can be streamed and purchased, here.

May 31, 2016

Southern California’s Crywolf has been blowing my mind for some time now, particularly after he transitioned into an organic format that included much acoustic instruments and vocal display in the mix. A producer from Russia named Elènne, who somehow escaped my attention until now, gives us a dusky compelling revisit of Crywolf’s Slow Burn more than perfect for the late hours of the evening. Slow Burn gets a much regal yet meditative future bass and craggy trap makeover, spacious and smooth yet intense and powerful. This one’s for those restless 2 A.M.s, when your mind can’t stop turning circles on itself. Download the remix for free, here.

May 20, 2016

I happened to catch an early preview of this one last week and have been waiting to share it with you, and let me tell you, it is pure magnificence. SoCal’s Crywolf, who puts on a spectacular live show, has covered Flume’s smash hit Never Be Like You. The song goes gut pummeling atmospheric on the massive cover. Crywolf slows it down a notch and gives instills in it a bounty of his signature majestic sound. His voice near cracks under the pressure of passionate emotion. This is an extra organic Never Be Like You with much ominously brooding ambiance. Anguish and torment linger long after the cover ends. The air is so heavy I can barely breath, but I dive right back into this ocean of sweeping brilliance. Crywolf has presented the track as a free download, here.

November 22, 2015

In case you didn’t know, skilled Southern California producer Crywolf has released his long awaited debut album, Cataclasm, and it’s as moving an album as we’d hoped it to be after so many album tracks have stirred our souls and touched our hearts time and time again. Get ready for major catharsis and theatrical magnificence when you dive into the electronic grandeur of Cataclasm on Soundcloud and purchase it on iTunes. One of the tracks I’ve yet to feature here on IHM that I love off the album is Akureyi, which is a softly gliding, melancholic tinged gem. Crywolf does a sensational job fashioning the atmospheric melodic bass heart render. He takes us on new heights of bittersweet pleasure with Akureyi, as well as on the rest of sweeping Cataclasm. 

November 4, 2015

Southern California’s Crywolf has demonstrated some versatile finesse since two years ago, when I first encountered his melodic bass music through his collaborations with other fantastic producers. Later this month, Crywolf drops his debut album Cataclasm, and he’s revealed a simmering crawler of an album track named Slow Burn. It’s a fitting name for the tensely brooding fourth and final single off Cataclasm. Captivating falsettos skim gravely over Slow Burn’s spiraling, charged ode to heartbroken desperation. Pre-order Crywolf’s debut album on iTunes before it’s out on November 20th via Okami Records.

September 25, 2015

From it’s opening enchanting chimes, it’s apparent Crywolf’s Rising, Rising is going to be an emotionally heavy beauty. The cathartic and cinematic anthem is the first single from the Los Angeles producer’s highly anticipated debut album, Cataclasm. He departs from his earlier penchant for heavier melodic bass for a much lighter ambient and organic sound on the sweeping track. It’s ever more tender, far more vocal and instrument driven, and so wonderfully, poignantly stirring. Cataclasm marks the beginning of a new artistic chapter for the artist. Purchase Rising, Rising on iTunes now. You can also watch episode 1 of a mini documentary Crywolf has filmed about the making of Cataclasm on Youtube.

April 18, 2015

I must say, it’s pretty cool that Crywolf is releasing an acoustic EP, considering the atmospheric melodic dubstep music the producer from Los Angeles usually thrills us with. Acoustic EP: Volume One will be out April 29th, and Crywolf has dropped the first single, a tender, stripped down rendition of Runaway. The beautiful, heart melting song sheds new light on Crywolf’s versatility and song writing capabilities. Lush orchestration gives the track a grand magnificence, despite its intimate wistfulness.