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August 18, 2017

For die hard Crystal Castles fans like me, though we’ve come to lovingly embrace Edith’s role in the project and Alice Glass’ exit, our earliest, most cherished CC memories will always be associated with the young artist’s shrill screams and spectacular persona on stage. Today, Alice released a surprise solo EP, her very first and one that we’ve been ravenously waiting for, for a very long time. Aside from that phenomenal first single Without Love, the self titled release includes five other icy haunting, dark pulsing delights. A couple of my immediate favorites are Forgiveness, which you can stream above, and murky jarring Natural Selection, which you can find below. The full EP can be streamed on Alice Glass’ YouTube channel, here, or Spotify, here. Purchase the EP from iTunes, here.

August 19, 2016

I can’t wait, I mean I seriously CANNOT wait for tomorrow, because come tomorrow, Crystal Castles drops their new album AMNESTY (I). As the hours whittle down and my excitement takes me to new levels of restlessness, I drown myself in today’s new reveal from the record, Sadist. Considering its name, it seems a fitting course of action, doesn’t it? Join me as the dissonance of this sonic apparition, complete with distended vocals by Edith and spectral haunting production by Ethan, send icy shivers down our spines. Though many of us had bristled at the thought of a new singer replacing Alice Glass when the news first broke, Edith has certainly won us over since. In fact, an announcement that came alongside Sadist earlier today served to cultivate my respect and affection. Edith Frances announced that Crystal Castles will share the proceeds from Amnesty (I) by donating it to Amnesty International, in order to call attention to issues that “need to be illuminated”. She went on to explain:

“Amnesty International stand up for human rights by fighting injustice hands-on, and gives a voice to those who may feel voiceless. They fight for LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, prisoner rights, and children’s rights. They fight against discrimination, arbitrary detention and unfair trials, and civilian injustice. They are the people on the ground working to change these issues and they need our help. Not just our words, but also our resources. The world is at a critical tipping point. Human rights have no borders, no language, no religion and no race. This applies to you and affects you. I challenge more musicians to do the same with their albums. Donate your proceeds to a charity of your choice. No longer can we sit back and watch and talk; what we really need right now is action.

Well there you have it. Even more reason to get Amnesty (I), as if you needed any convincing. Crystal Castles, you rule.

August 18, 2016

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August 17, 2016

There’s nothing like some visceral and savage Crystal Castles to kick off a new string of features. We continue our journey with the new Edith and Ethan version of the Toronto electropunk duo as they rattle and jar us with new song Fleece. The choice of song title seems contradictory in juxtaposition to Crystal Castles’ witchy distorted, primal pulsing music. Fleece is the latest turbulent taste from new album Amnesty (I) which drops this Friday on Fiction Records. Lucky Crystal Castle fans in New York can catch Ethan and Edith when they play a special in-store show at Rough Trade East come Tuesday, August 23rd. Details, here.

July 12, 2016

It’s been but a few days since Concrete, but Crystal Castles has revealed another brand new track from their forthcoming album Amnesty (I)! Prepare yourself for more gothy nebulous goodness from Edith and Ethan. Char is dreamy ethereal and inky dark, exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to my love for this electro punk outfit. I’ve been zealously checking for pre-order details, but so far, I haven’t been able to purchase Amnesty (I) yet. I’ll just drown my sorrows in the ghostly ocean of Char and let it numb my pre-order anxieties for now. 

July 6, 2016

It wouldn’t be proper to “close up shop” for the night without sharing the new Crystal Castles, particularly since I’m such a die hard fan of the techno goth and electro punk act. I’ve also been waiting to hear more from the new version of CC, or the Edith iteration. There’s been a tug of war going on in my heart for some time now. On the one hand, my love for Crystal Castles largely grew out of my adoration of Alice Glass and her ferocious personality. On the other hand, I love CC as a whole too much to give up on Ethan because of a (monumental) lineup change. Edith proves herself a worthy successor on Concrete, glowering and yelping eerily in its video. Concrete is inky dark and murky nebulous. Edith’s dissonant and disembodied vocals stab through a sea of ever shifting, cacophonous clashing beats. I can’t wait to see the new Crystal Castles live when they open up for Die Antwoord this Fall. It seems like it’s going to be as exhilarating a show as ever, and I haven’t missed a single CC show in the Bay since 2011. I even attempted to wait in line and see them in Austin at SXSW, but a sudden major thunderstorm threw a wrench in the evening’s plans. I suppose the true differences can only be scrutinized when Edith and Ethan perform older Crystal Castles songs, ones that we’re so used to experiencing with Alice Glass instead. Concrete is a taste from Crystal Castles’ new album Amnesty (I), due out in August. I’m excited, to say the least. 

Addendum: Upon further watching of the Concrete video, I’m rather tickled by the fact that they seemed to have filmed the video at an actual electronic music event (there’s a ferris wheel, EDC?), one where people don’t seem to know who Edith is or what’s going on. And their expressions are priceless as she wails and flails her way backwards into them. Nice one, Crystal Castles. Love it. Edith gets major bonus points for her gutsy antics.

July 17, 2015

While Crystal Castles 2.0 (or 3.0 depending if you count Ethan by himself before he found a young Alice as version 1 or beta) has released two new tunes with an enigmatic new female vocalist named Judith, ex-member Alice Glass has been relatively quiet, save for a few Instagram posts here and there. I was just telling my friends over the past weekend that I was hoping she’d release some solo material soon. Lo and behold, STILLBIRTH. STILLBIRTH, which she wrote with Jupiter Keys, is the abrasive, dark Alice we’ve all been missing. It’s an electro-punk-rock-goth number that’s also surprisingly “melodic” for the fierce artist. Reminding me of a electrifying, spine tingling blend of Death Grips and Purity Ring, the haunting song coarsely thrills and lurches. STILLBIRTH will be out digitally tomorrow (July 18th), and all money it raises will go towards helping survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence, and incest. You can also donate directly, here. Alice says that there’s a sister song to STILLBIRTH, a lullaby that she hopes to release soon. We’ll be waiting, Alice Glass.

July 3, 2015

All controversy and butt hurt sadness due to the departure of Alice Glass aside, you must admit that Ethan Kath is doing a pretty splendid job of keeping Crystal Castles relevant and on point. Earlier song Frail was a fantastic surprise after all the break out news, since it was assumed Crystal Castles would exist no more. Now that we’ve tasted Frail, we get to enjoy new song Deicide without that element of surprise, and it’s another good tune to add to this slowly growing Alice Glass-less portfolio. Deicide carries the dissonant darkness the world has come to associate with and love about Crystal Castles, but it’s also a TR/ST like track due to its ravey, less abrasive quality, one that’s smothered in an oddly soft and muted haze. It’s that dampened, numbing condition that’s new to these Crystal Castles loving ears, and it took a little getting used to, but I’m still much a fan of Kath’s work, now with a mysterious new vocalist named Edith. After all, what else do we expect of an act like Crystal Castles but to groundbreak and offer the unexpected?

April 16, 2015

Spectacularly busy at work as usual with a lot of stress to enjoy, but I’m jumping on early for a must share and a huge surprise. I know many of you, like myself, was incredibly sad and desolate when Alice Glass announced her departure from Crystal Castles, a band I’ve loved so dearly for many years now. We all assumed this meant the death of Crystal Castles, since we were so devoted to Ethan and Alice as a team. Well, turns out, CC is not dead in the water after all. A part of me has much mixed emotions about this, as Alice Glass is irreplaceable. But the track that revealed this news, Frail, is so dark and twisted and delicious, that I can’t but help be elated that Crystal Castles is still around. After all, no one can top Ethan Kath’s glitchy, abrasive, spectacular production. Frail features a new singer, Edith, who does a fine job wailing and yelping on the track. Regardless how we ultimately feel, it’s hard not to enjoy this. I look forward to what the future brings. And I hope Alice Glass has a lot in store for us on whatever new projects she may have in the works, too. Hello, new Crystal Castles, welcome. You’ll never be the same as before, but let’s move forward.

June 18, 2014

I’m super fond of new California quartet Tapioca and the Flea’s electropop single Take It Slow, which, by the way, was produced by Ethan Kath, of Crystal Castles. I’m so fond of it, that I made sure to get my hands on the limited edition 7" Record Store Day exclusive that included the tune. Com Truise puts frenetic, robotic, beat resplendent spin on the track.