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May 30, 2018

It was an absolute pleasure and delight to premiere La Bouquet’s performance of Loveless on Sunshine Sessions earlier this year. If you missed out on the feature, make sure you take in the poignantly heartfelt video, here. Now that Bryan Sammis (The Neighbourhood, Olivver the Kid) and Jake Lopez are back with a fresh new tune named Cruel, we’re more than ready to dive into a new lavish dose of the duo’s vivid music once again. Cruel is a widescreen ballad bursting with richly layered instrumentals and skyscraping choruses. Alt pop and alt rock interweave on the heart-bursting track, whose lyrics are an age-old lament spurned by bitter heartbreak. Strangely enough, La Bouquet seems to have scrapped all their tracks from Soundcloud. Perhaps this signifies some exciting new developments for the duo. We’ll keep our ears perked for any news. Revisit their Heavy Sunshine EP on Spotify, here.

June 24, 2015

Hushed, delicate, and raw are but understatements when it comes to this time stopping folk song, Cruel, from Baltimore based singer songwriter Sianna Plavin. Cruel is Sianna’s first song off her first solo album, having previously been involved in folk duo Backyard Betties and folk collective Soft Cat. Cruel is a sedating debut that conversely carries a poignant, dark hum that is deeply haunting and sorrowful. The gloomy song is one that I would happily play on repeat, while bathing myself in a ruminative, somber state of mind. Siana Plavin’s debut album, Go Out Now, will be out July 31st.

St. Vincent on NPR World Cafe

September 28, 2011

st vincent

St Vincent just did a stint on NPR’s World Cafe, and you can listen to the session here:

The four song session includes Cheerleader, Cruel, Surgeon and Year of the Tiger. It also includes some good Q&A with Annie Clark. I’ve been listening to Strange Mercy, and it’s definitely a genius album. It’s one of those that you appreciate more and more with subsequent listens compared to the quizzical first time you plunge into it. 

A bit more St Vincent today

August 30, 2011

Oh look, they were on Letterman last night and performed Cruel. This song has grown a lot on me. =) Annie Clark kicks butt.

OFFICIAL VID: St Vincent – Cruel

August 25, 2011

st vincent

This is off her upcoming fall album Strange Mercy. For those that have never heard of St. Vincent, the act consists of one talented lady by the name of Annie Erin Clark, who previously worked with Sufjan Stevens and also The Polyphonic Spree. She also collaborated with Bon Iver on their track Roslyn (yes, the one that was on the Twilight soundtrack…). Her music borders on baroque, somewhat like Florence and the Machine in that sense. 

Here’s a track off her previous album.