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April 13, 2017

Show me the most magnificent synths and crisp pounding beats you know, and I’ll show you this jaw dropping collaboration that brings together two of my favorite production projects. SNBRN and Coyote Kisses, both from Los Angeles, may be very disparate when it comes to their production styles, but they make a heavenly pair on Show Me, an intensely dramatic, epic gripping affair. SNBRN’s warm house and Coyote Kisses’ florescent future bass combine in full force. Show Me is a lionhearted feat bursting with indomitable beats, neon synths, and radiant chords. A cinematic effect is achieved as Show Me’s triumphant exhilaration is accentuated by bursts of dark moody introspection. The single is available, here.

August 1, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 07.31.2016

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August 1, 2016

Los Angeles’ Coyote Kisses continues to sling some mad wicked sonic brilliance as they reveal new original Waiting For You, which features sweet sassy, breathy alluring vocals by Madison Love. There’s no doubt the duo are a favorite production team of mine this year. Waiting For You is florescent grand. Its vivid stirring pop, percolating trap, and lush future bass unite for a spine tingling, blood pumping whirlwind of scintillating ecstasy. Purchase the regal electronic aria from iTunes.

April 28, 2016

LA based production duo Coyote Kisses is back with a new one named Vasarely, and though I can’t be sure of it, I’m surmising that the title is a reference to an artist named Victor Vasarely, who was well known for his use of optical illusions. The florid sophistication and heady allure of Coyote Kisses’ song seem to align with this hypothesis. Vasarely takes us deep into a fantasy world of future bass beats and ethereal chimes, a full on chill trap surrealist trip that could be very Salvador Dali too. Nebulous shape shifting patterns seem to push and pull time itself, evoking the artist’s famed painting The Persistence of Memory, or any one of Dali’s other melting watch masterpieces. Coyote Kisses’ amorphous electronic track is an interesting piece on perspective, mindset, and perhaps context, as well. But what really matters in the end, despite all the thought provoking depth, is how pleasurable the song sounds. Vasarely is a feisty thriller, a vibrantly splashy dance track, one that beckons you into a dream world where reality and imagination become one hyperactive blur. The song is a free download, here.

March 30, 2016

I called Coyote Kisses one of the most enthralling electronic acts to watch earlier this year, and I stand by that statement stalwartly, particularly after submerging myself in the textured euphoria of the Los Angeles production duo’s latest remix. Australian act Golden Features’ gorgeous electronic single, No One, featuring smoky vocals by Thelma Plum, goes lush and sleek future bass and trap on Coyote Kisses new gripping anthem. The remix clicks, clatters, chimes, and booms beautifully, a labyrinth of sophisticated production. Snag the track for free, here.

December 22, 2015

Near the beginning of this year, Los Angeles’ Coyote Kisses easily established themselves as one of the most enthralling electronic acts to watch with the spirited animation of their genre bending music. The year is about to end, and the duo drive that nail home with a fresh new one named The Deep. Both melodic and choppy, The Deep takes us on a wild coyote ride of neon hued electro vitality and restless future trap dynamism. Go down with this ship to a long lost wonder world of spellbinding rhythmic patterns and steel edged grandeur. You’ll never want to surface from this ocean of exhilaration. The Deep is out now on iTunes via Next Wave Records.

August 7, 2015

I’ve been in love with Coyote Kisses’ brand of sophisticated electronic music since I first heard the Los Angeles act near the beginning of this year. As a fan of Slow Magic and Odesza, I revel in how Coyote Kisses’ music brings in the effervescent, glitchy elements I find so attractive in said acts’ music. On new original Illusion, the production act goes hard on radiant future trap, creating a wondrous soundscape that seems to take me to far away places of fancy full of gurgling rivers and choppy hills. Apparently, it’s just an illusion, but a finely crafted one that lasts just over three minutes thirty six seconds. You can purchase Illusion on iTunes.

March 13, 2015

Apparently, electronic producers really love Ferrari’s, considering the Purrari made famous by Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5, and the song title of this new track from fast rising Los Angeles based production act Coyote Kisses. I guess I like them too. Plus, I think this song is a sweet, bubbly treat, like a bliss inducing dessert at the end of a meal. You just want to skip everything else and gobble it down. Ferrari’s pulsing chords and choppy vocals carry an oddly nostalgic vibe. Maybe it’s just me, I always find these caffeinated, sparkly, and frothy future bass songs to carry a vibe that brings me back to the innocence and playfulness of childhood. Perhaps that’s the sort of joy one gets when purchasing a Ferrari, or driving one from 0 to 100. Someone get me one, and we’ll see. Coyote Kisses’ enchanting new tune is available for free, here.

February 4, 2015

I like coyotes, I think they’re adorable and much maligned, like a cross between cute little foxes and regal wolves. I suppose coyote kisses might be very endearing, too. Kind of like how buzzing Los Angeles electronic act Coyote Kisses are on their new track Sunny Day… light, airy, playful, and heart warming. Dancing arpeggios, effervescent synths, tropical percussion, and um, seagulls come together to form a bouncy, hypnotic future bass gem. It’s the perfect embodiment of a bright, sunny day. 

January 6, 2015

Los Angeles electronic act Coyote Kisses return with their first original track of the year, a superbly enthralling song named Revive. After a long and crazy busy Monday, Coyote Kisses certainly succeeds at reviving my energy with the track, an animated and bouncy blend of future bass, chill trap, future house, and even some nu-disco. The stimulating rhythm and choppy vocal samples remind of Slow Magic’s Girls, a song I’m still incredibly in love with, blended with some of Porter Robinson’s luminous production and Odesza’s gossamer style. Revive marks the first of several upcoming singles from Coyote Kisses.