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November 28, 2015

20 year old Londoner Connie Constance unites with producer Blue Daisy again on a gorgeously minimalist future soul single named Answer. The song’s sparse drumwork and melancholic guitar strums lure my The xx loving heart, while Connie Constance’s earthy vocals seal the deal with sincere soulfulness and melancholic grit. Answer is an exquisite and ethereal follow up to Connie Constance’s In The Grass EP. The artist to watch is busy in the studio writing, and I predict great things coming in 2016.

July 24, 2015

Stars heaves with roiling emotion and wallows in soulful, gossamer beauty. The exceptional debut single comes from 20 year old North/West Londoner Connie Constance, and it’s produced by R&S’s Blue Daisy. Wispy layers of ghostly vocals and foggy ambiance build upon each other entrancingly. There’s a gut wrenching mournfulness to the song that, when paired with Connie Constances’ exquisite yet honeyed voice and the song’s ethereal soundscape, reminds me of another incredible artist I’m much fond of, Lapsley. Her Adele like vocals and the other wordly, ghostly track also bring to mind a blend of Adele with James Blake. Connie said that she wants to create music that breathes escapism from the cuts and bruises of young London life. Stars is an escape, indeed, a murky dream to get utterly lost in. Connie Constance will be releasing her new EP, In The Grass, on September 25th via Black Acre Records.