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May 18, 2018

If I were one of the “Bodies In A Room” from the title and lyrics of Colin Magalong’s banging new tune, I’d probably be busting out my best dance moves to its luscious disco groove and rambunctious strutting beats. The up-and-coming Los Angeles musician has delivered sonic gold on the wildly infectious song. Bodies In A Room has been compared to JT meets Daft Punk, a pretty accurate appraisal, if you ask me. It’s also very Bruno Mars meets SOFI TUKKER. Colin’s on a quick trajectory upwards after making his debut just two months ago with well-received Blossom. Keep an eye on this guy as the year continues to progress. 

April 3, 2018

Perhaps you missed out on Colin Magalong’s debut single, Blossom, last month, which you can stream via Soundcloud, here. But one listen to the emerging Los Angeles artist’s second single, Melo, will demonstrate why he’s a buzzworthy artist to watch. Colin swoons us with 90′s inspired, nu-disco tinged pop on the snug jam. He also steals our hearts with his velvety crooning. Melo is a feel good song to fall in love to, a romantic and quixotic ballad both perfect for the dance floor or an intimate night at home. Magalong grew up influenced by artists like Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, and Kid Cudi. And he’s just getting started with his first two tunes.