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May 1, 2018

New Norwegian project BLYTT could very well be my favorite new Scandi-pop obsession. I harbor a deep love for dark Italo-disco, and the new Bergen-based trio have laced their cinematic electro-pop debut with plenty of deep pumping beats, ambrosial keys, and elastic jabbing synths. Closer is dreamy and luscious, an atmospheric throbbing track that channels some of the same dynamic energy as fellow Scandinavian projects like Röyksopp and Robyn (in particular, their music together). Closer is triumphant and exultant, just like the tone of its lyrics. “I want to shout it from the rooftops”. I do, I really do. I want to shout about how glorious this debut is, and lose myself in its glorious splendor. You can find Closer on iTunes, here.

November 1, 2017

JYWRRN proceeds to take my breath away with his silky soaring, tender melting voice as he makes his debut on stunning single Closer, out now via BonFire Records. It’s an incredibly heartfelt and moving soulful pop meets alt R&B entrance. Closer is a gospel tinged, airy luscious hymnal from the striking Salt Lake City by way of San Diego talent, who’s written for the likes of T Pain, 2 Chainz, and Sage the Gemini in the past. Closer comes accompanied by a beautifully shot, intimately entrancing music video. You can find the single on iTunes, here, while you eagerly await JYWRRN’s next release alongside us. 

October 4, 2017

This isn’t the first time we’ve doled out exultant praise for Danish producer Caius, but Closer is his first official track on Soundcloud and Spotify, which is almost mind boggling considering how long we’ve been digging his future soul and resplendent R&B funk. Closer features vocals by London based singer AIA, and it’s a decadent and intoxicating twilight future beats charmer from Caius’ upcoming debut EP. Caius layers his suave synths, tickling keys, and dashing beats with an abundance of funky pizzazz. Fleecy plush, posh glimmering Closer can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

May 4, 2017

Though I’ve already seen Los Angeles duo POWERS many times over these past couple of years including quite recently when the Nylon Tour brought them back to Popscene in San Francisco, I’m still giddy with excitement over the knowledge that I get to see them yet again when Live 105′s BFD hits the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View come June 10th. The Subsonic Tent is going to be set afire and the crowd’s going to be over the moon, like the “Man On The Moon”, when Crista Ru and Mike Del Rio stirs them into a “Dance” frenzy with heavy grooving, “Legendary” moving pop spectaculars like Beat Of My Drum, Sunshine, and their The Knocks collaboration, Classic. Newly revealed treat Closer will surely add plenty more heat to their set despite its mellower demeanor. Closer is a dreamy strumming, saccharine drifting sparkler with a touch more soul and a dab more languor in its handsome strut. You’ll just went to “get closer” to that special someone to the tune of this POWERS, then shimmy the night away with them like it’s senior prom all over again. 

February 19, 2017

First off, let’s be clear that this gem, Closer, has nothing to do with The Chainsmokers’ ever ubiquitous closer. No, it’s not a cover. Instead, it’s an utterly arresting original track from Norwegian starlet Emma Jensen, who records and produces her own music. Her breathy crystalline voice draws us into a subtle simmering, pensive floating electronic pop world of skin tingling enchantment. This glacial haunting soundscape evokes Anna Of The North and Kyla La Grange with an inkling of Lykke Li’s haunting allure. Emma Jensen’s Closer is out now on iTunes.

February 19, 2017

When it comes to band names, it’s pretty hard to top off an epic one like Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes, and I’m quite the fan of the gifted actor, too. How do you even come up with a name like that? All moniker curiosity aside, this Swedish indie pop quartet prove they’re more than just a name on Closer, which features Matilda Wiezell of Stockholm indie act Melby on guest vocals. The four piece offer up Foals meets Two Door Cinema Club like plucky guitars and some of Peter Bjorn and John’s nimble peppiness on the smooth grooving tune. I may never view Buscemi’s eyes the same after this. Closer is out now on all major services.

October 25, 2016

Bristol singer songwriter and producer Henry Green is well skilled when it comes to the art of haunting us with beautiful music. He fluidly melds acoustic with electronic on new single Closer to spellbind us once again, giving us a more delicate experience with his weightless hovering, misty drifting gem. On Closer, Henry Green displays a desire to merge traditional songwriting with more abstract components. The resulting sound is intimate and tender, and it digs softly into the deepest regions of the heart. This introspective sonic reverie is our first taste from Henry Green’s new EP, Real, due out soon on Akira Records.

October 15, 2016

Closer is a song so intimate and engaging, it feels closer than close. British singer songwriter and produer Anil Sebastian has released an abstractly captivating, whimsically artful music video for the stunning song, which will be on his debut album Mesonoxian, due out later this month. The gifted musician presents us with a fantastical song in Closer, an intricate and ornate minimalist electronica, operatic chamber pop, and alt-R&B concoction that feels other worldly yet familiar, like the very contents of your own heart. Closer levitates to great heights on lush instrumentals and angelic vocals, making it a near spiritual experience, like an epiphany. I’m left feeling like I flew too close to the sun, having seen the whole universe spread before me before falling back to our dark earth, my wings scorched by celestial flames. This masterpiece of a song can be purchased now from iTunes. For another exquisite work of sonic art from Anil Sebastian’s forthcoming album, stream ambient ethereal Human below.

September 17, 2016

Before you take umbrage over the fact that we’re delving into yet another Closer remix, please take note that this one comes from none other than Slushii, the enigmatic electronic artist who’s quickly become one of the most enrapturing producers of the year. That’s right, this remix of The Chainsmokers’ chart topping Halsey featuring hit is a must listen. Slushy frothing future bass and ethereal skittering chill trap take us soaring high above the clouds. As Halsey and Andrew sing on the song, “we ain’t ever getting older”. Slushii makes us all Peter Pans, unshackled from the earth, full of youthful wonder, bright eyed and bursting with optimism. Download the remix for free, here.

August 24, 2016

The steady stream of terrific remixes of The Chainsmokers’ Halsey featuring Closer continues as Southern California’s Two Friends and Class & Clowns team up on another dazzling edit of the much renovated tune. Their light plucky approach is heart warming and endearing, an incandescent fluxing future bass and summery dance transformation with a smidgen of blistering dubstep. Closer has quickly become the most remixed track of the year, with Major Lazer’s Cold Water a close second. Considering the quality of these edits, I’m not complaining.