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April 18, 2018

New 17 year old singer and producer Loveday hails from the Midlands in the UK, and she’s made quite a splash with her first single, a lo-fi electropop song named Close. Loveday’s music is influenced by the honest day-to-day life experiences of a girl her age, including first love, friendships, adventure, and growing up in the world. But Close is a song that resonates strongly with someone who’s long past that age, too (not to say I’m old, ahem). Its lush, syrupy synths and fleecy electropop is nothing short of snugly intoxicating. Speaking on her debut single, Loveday shares,”Close” all came from this really to the point chorus lyric that I think every girl my age has experienced – when you’re just in this moment with someone and ‘that’s it’. I spent ages trying to rephrase it, but then I realised that it’s powerful to be so straight-up, so we just cut everything out and just stacked multiple tracks of me singing the lyric pitched in different ways. It’s like a mini-anthem to just being true to yourself, being unafraid to say how you really feel and to just let go a bit.’ Close is available via major platforms, here.

April 13, 2018

OTR’s past career as an aerospace engineer seems to transmit right into his current ascent as a compelling producer and musician. He first started to float us into the cosmos with his music via remixes, but he’s since demonstrated his adept skills as a songcrafter on an original named Bliss. And now he’s followed it up with a downtempo electronic ballad named Close, featuring Kai Straw, a cindery vocalist from right here in San Francisco. OTR’s dusky ethereal beats displays his influences, which include producers like Odesza, Petit Biscuit, and Porter Robinson, as well as indie artists like Daughter and Bon Iver. Close is gritty yet atmospheric, a bittersweet haunting and tender stirring electronic composition to soundtrack your late night introspection. Find it on Apple Music, here.

June 9, 2017

[PREMIERE]  La Poré – Close

Nick Samson makes a dashing entrance out of Columbus, Ohio as La Poré with his debonair first single, Close. The multi-instrumentalist and songwriter marks himself one to watch with but one song, and what an enrapturing specimen it is, too. Glistening, swirling synths and plump, snapping beats permeate the song’s prismatic palette. Close is a warm effulgent dose of 80′s inspired romantic nostalgia as well as an inundation of sticky sweltering passion. It’s hot summer nights, unbridled yearning, and standing on the precipice of heartache, all rolled up into one intoxicating torrent of funky guitar licks, silken cooing, and retrowave synths. Samson categorizes his sound as synth and psych pop, inspired by artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson, and recent offerings from The Weeknd, Foster The People, Neon Indian, and Tame Impala. Close is also like a cross between Blood Orange’s glowing groove and LANY’s slick synthpop. La Poré will be recording an EP this summer, which we’ll be keeping a keen ear out for after he’s cast such a woozy spell on us with Close. You can find the single on iTunes, here. Close can also be streamed at Spotify, here.

December 13, 2016

Transviolet has been one of IHM’s favorite rising bands all year long, even taking the crown as one of the top highlights of our visit to SXSW earlier this year, and they easily remind us why with a fresh new single named Close. The LA outfit lead by magnetic vocalist Sarah McTaggart takes us on a dreamy ride on Close, another spectacular electro pop balance between airy ethereal and dark dusky, fleecy gentle and pining moody. Close is no doubt one of the band’s most enchanting tunes yet, and I’m extremely excited to watch the band’s shining star rise evermore come 2017. 

OFFICIAL VID: Sun Airway – Close

September 20, 2012

Dreamy Philadelphia indie pop act Sun Airway will be dropping a full length album on October 2 titled Soft Fall. Here’s a first single off that album, Close, with a video filmed in Australia. The song is a glittery, delightful blend of many layers of noise and sound bordering between pop and rock. 

I first featured Sun Airway a year ago after being impressed with a bunch of songs. Here’s a couple of those great earlier tunes I shared: